10/25/2013 06:52 AMPosted by Flinz
Well warlocks can draw more cards than any other hero. If you get card what you need it's worth the cost and if it's not what you wanted it might feel waste. Warlock has some class cards that allow you to heal while doing damage so it's not that hopeless.

Rogues and Druids often take damage while they use their powers to control deck.

Actually when it comes to card draw hunters are the best at it especially with UTH being 2 mana now, you could do the whole buzzard UTH play more than once during a match if you set up for it.
Priests are rather good at it as well, take a few of your minions run them into that of the enemy (hopefully they don't die) and then play circle of healing with Northshire cleric out.
You not only get card draw from healing your own minions but those of the opponent as well.
Lightwarden works similiarly btw.
If anything if I were to play as a lock I would avoid using my hero power as much as possible and do thing like summon minions, use spells to exert or maintain board control.
Unless you're going for Molten Giant/Jaraxus speeding up your own demise especially against certain decks is an awfull idea, at least to me it is. I don't really play lock, but as someone mentioned before the other hero powers are more usefull most of the time and in particular the mage one is good. Rogues and druid themselves can get hurt and in the late game without any healing that could spell a loss.
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