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We have seen a lot of talk about Mind Control lately, and I wanted to let you know that we are definitely paying attention to your concerns that Mind Control can be pretty powerful as well as frustrating to play against. We are talking about the issue here and looking at the power of Mind Control at different skill levels and in different modes so we can make any adjustments that may be needed. We’re still deliberating the right course of action, but we have heard you guys and we understand your concerns. Keep up the great feedback!
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Appreciate that we're finally getting some acknowledgement.

Mind control is fine in constructed. The real problem is that it's entirely too powerful in arena, where its much more difficult to play around.

It would be much less of a problem if it didn't have the potential to be such a HUGE value swing when targeting fat creatures.

I think the best way to fix the card would be to rework it to cost less mana, but have a limit on the cost of the creature's it can target. This would give Priest's some much needed early game power. It would also retain the core idea of Mind Control and its inherent 2 for 1 while mitigating some of its game-breaking potential.
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Thanks for that. They have so many ways of stealing or copying cards and also great removal such as, Shadow Word Death and Pain. Controlling cards. Mind Vision, Thought Steal, Mind Games, Shadow Madness, Cabel Shadow Priest, and of course Mind Control. then of course all the healing from the Healing Well and hero power. Very tough deck to beat at the moment.
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Change it to a spell that destroy the minion and give you a lesser version of that minion but without his buffs?
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As Hounds points out, I think part of 'the problem' is that the 'control' aspects of Priest all revolve around taking something away from the other player. There are far far more games I've won where I didn't use Mindcontrol, but did make skillful play with Shadow Word: x and Shadow Madness. I don't think changing, or even removing, MC will make a big difference. Priest would still be left with 4+ cards that are taking something away from the other player, either by taking temporary control, permanent control (Cabal Shadow Priest would still be there if MC wasn't), or by straight up removing it.

It's a really interesting mechanic, and I talked all about it on one of my podcasts. It's a really fun puzzle trying to figure out how to beat the opponent by turning their own deck against them. But I think, as a whole, most players don't have that perception and understanding that, for the Priest, it adds this new puzzle level. They just see them as someone who takes all their stuff away and puts it out of their control. I think the perception of the class mechanic is the real problem, not something like Mind Control on it's own. Remove that card and I think people will start to see the deeper issue to the mechanic and just start complaining about other cards that use that mechanic.
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As the others have stated, it's not mind control on it's own that is bad or overpowered. It's the fact that you have to build decks specifically to avoid priest cards (ie, 4 ATK mobs). The priests draw options are also tuned too high with mana costs that are lower than any comparable cards.

Mind control should give them control for the next round such that the person losing the card must decide to remove it or allow the priest to use it for the next round before being returned to them. As it stands now it's too strong.

The other option would be to have it take control of a random enemy unit so that it must be used more carefully.
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not in beta ....but wouldnt be better to add a card to counter Mind Control ? maybe 1 spell card(0 cost) that u can cast on your monster so it cant be Mind Control
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No, because then you are putting something in your deck specifically to counter one thing in one class deck. That basically makes that slot you've used useless for 8 of 9 classes, and probably for 50% of those 1 out of 9 matches, as many don't make it far enough for you to have the opening to need it.

It's just easier people keep natural counters the would already have; Mage Polymorph, Shaman Hex, Rogue Assassinate, etc.
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I think this change would take care of it:

MC - cost 6

Take control of a minion with 4 or less power.
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I think the underlying problem with mind control is that in Hearthstone, creatures are also pseudo-removal. Therefore, unlike M:TG where mind control is a limited bomb and a constructed unplayable, mind control becomes almost unbeatable in limited, while maintaining reasonable constructed playability.
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I'm not in the beta so I cant say for sure.

If mindcontrol is a perma trade it shouldn't be.

Do whatever you need to in costs but make it a single turn only. At the end of the turn it is cast have the minion revert to the person who was in control prior to the cards casting.

This would force more board plays to be made off of the card.

Takes opponents minion, suicides into other minion netting a plus 1.
Takes opponents big minion, uses it to kill opponents other big minion. Use some card to blow up your MC minion in trade for direct dmg etc.

Way more combos to be had forcing a revert after the turn.
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Because its not like there are cards that can make a copy of something or mages have abitlies that can copy your card when you summon it. Maybe just increase the mana cost to 9 or 10 so its only a late game option but being able to take a minion isnt the most OP thing in the game right now. Maybe more cards should be added to a deck to counter this spell like mages have. Give people outplay potential instead of just flat out nerfing it. I play a priest so my opinion is biased, but i see other classes have seemingly OP stuff and I dont complain about it, i learn to deal and react to it. Other people need to start doing the same.

Heres an option to mind control: I used to play wow and mind control was a channel spell. Change mind control to this "A player channels mind control gets control of an enemy card. If the priest takes damage the channeling is broken and the card is returned to the original owner" boom, problem solved.
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Priest Mind Control in WoW made you unable to control your own character while channelling it, so while disabling ALL spells would obviously make it unusable, what if it placed text on the controlled creature disabling your hero power, or making the hero power cost more or something? You'd still be able to take control of anything but add a drawback for doing so that goes away when the unit dies.
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I also agree that mind control is not the only problem with priests, they just have overall too much control in the game. Keep him more as a healer rather than a mage. If players want him to be a mage, force them to get cards meant for spell damage.
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I just had that thought indecisive, but I think my idea would balance it a little better.
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I think Mind Control should be a buff/debuff which could be silenced to get your creature back, at least every player would have a chance to deal with it and not feel hopeless.
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The biggest problem is that it's such a huge trump over other late game cards. Not only are you removing their best creature in their deck, you are using it against them and forcing them to either die to it or spend more resources to combat it. For 8 mana I agree it should be very powerful, but it feels way more powerful to mind control someones late game minion than to just play one of your own.
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Mind Control - 8

"Take control of an enemy Minion.
If your Hero takes damage, return that Minion to it´s Owner / destroy it"
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