Mind Control is on our Mind

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10/22/2013 11:46 AMPosted by Vegaz
How about if the creature that's been taken control of would be destroyed (through damage or assassinate or whatever other removal card) you get it back and also if it's returned to hand it goes back to the original owner and you could use the Brewmasters on it since it's technically yours?

Sounds like somebody plays a rogue...
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Why should the enemy player always be able to pull off a perfect combo?

I agree though that it should be placed in hand instead of auto putting it on your team.
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I play decently against mind control, but I still want to point out what hasn't quite been stated in this thread yet: whether a priest actually has the card or not, it influences the way that opponents play.

I have played plenty of priest (level 25) but I main shaman. In playing against priest, if I don't have my 5 drops on five, my six drops on six or my seven drops on seven, then I feel compelled to wait until I have 2 high mana minions so that IF he has MC, I can counter his MC with a second high mana minion. The timing of this is further complicated if I go second and thus, he reaches turn 8 first (assuming I am not saving coin).

Trying to mulligan so I am sitting on a six-drop when turn six comes is dangerous. Against priests, I find myself fighting off an early game 1-drop that often gets buffed to five mana. It is as important to plan against early priest threats, imo, so preparing for MC only comes after that.

tl;dr The precise mechanics of MC shape the meta-game such that people are playing aginst MC even if the priest doesn't have one in his hand. It is difficult to plan against priest to ensure early board control and mid and high-mana minions that can be played before turn 8. It is difficult to ensure that you have a big enough minion (or contorl--hex, poly, etc), to counter his MC.
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What about making it cost 4-6 and having Mind Control last only for one turn? The card would grant the model charge so it could do something. At the end of the turn, the card is returned.
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I think silence removing Mind Control is all that's really needed.
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Silence for mind control and even other debuffs would be nice ex. hex, sheep, hunters mark.


Take possession of target minion until end of next turn or no summoning sickness and until beginning of next turn. Either way allowing for one usage and either extra turn for priest or opponent to respond.

Both implementations would be great, but I'd imagine a dispel mechanic from silence would take more coding and reworking of cards programming.
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MC is really not that op.
It makes sense to change it to 9 or 10 cost though.
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Again. Issue with priest is not the Mind Control, its the biggest amount of cheap removal form any other deck, on top of cheap OP cards like Northshire Cleric.
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I really dont feel like Mind Control is broken. You guys at Blizzard are really bad at reading the text INSIDE the topics of [MIND CONTROL IS OP NERF IT!]

It costs 8 MANA! People should be able to build a proper deck. Having a good curve can guarantee your opponent will MC your medium sized dudes that are giving them problems (Chillwind Yeti?) You just have to be a skilled player and play around a card you know they have, just like any class (Hunter explosive trap?)

Im really getting sick and tired of this QQ and Blizzard, I hope you make the proper adjustment. This CANNOT turn into WoW where Warlocks get nerfed because of a bunch of whiney paladins that dont know how to play around them.
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Great... now please fix the crappiest card in the game (Felguard) next...
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Mind control is not broken or OP.

It pretty much takes the priests entire turn if they want to use it, they can't attack that round with it and whatever they take can just be removed with removal that is far cheaper.

Mind control is like legendaries, it is very good in the card department, while proving poor in the mana department, a lot of mana spent which is dealt with by far less mana.

I can't help but feel the mind control complaints are from people who just put tons of high cost guys in their deck.

If you put 0-4 atk creatures in your deck a priest will expend their 2x SW:P very quickly, if they are 3+ hp then holy smite doesn't do the priest much and if they holy fire it, well they just spent 6 mana to do that, very inefficient removal most likely.

Shadow madness is a pretty good card though but so is flamestrike, explosive trap and many others, also if you have creatures with more health than attack it loses its biggest advantage of taking out 2 for 1.

And people should have creatures with 3+ health regardless of priest, because almost all AoE will kill off 2 and below creatures, making your deck bad against pretty much any form of AoE.

As for arena, the most effective way to go high in arena is low cost creatures, so packing a lot of high cost creatures will make you lose in arena regardless of mind control most likely.

If Blizzard wants to nerf mind control any meaningful degree then that is their choice, but it will just make it a niche card like wisp.
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MAke it the ultimate troll card: "Take control of a 4 attack minion". :D
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I have no issues with mind control. I tend to avoid playing high cost cards when i know it could come out. I do think Shadow Word Death needs to be looked at, either a cost increase or the effect changed to destroy minions with 6 attack. Northshire Cleric seems too good for one cost, maybe make it 2 cost and give it an extra health. Just my 2 cents.
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i seriously dont think cost change would fix anything at all in mindcontrol

I just don't get how mc is anymore broken than turn 4-7- hunter wins, polymorph, or even hex.

8 cost is a lot of mana for a minion you may or may not even get to keep.

I get MC is strong in arena but its no where near as strong in constructed where people have counters specifically prepared for it.

4-7 Hunter wins happen but aren't consistent.
Polymorph and Hex are in NO way comparable to Mind Control since it's just a removal while MC takes the minion.
I don't care about the MC effect, the thing is, as soon as the Priest gets the slightest edge in a game mid-lategame, you can NOT play an effective taunt or anything useful as it will get instantly MC'ed and you are extremely behind or just lost the game.

No other class currently got this impact.
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10/22/2013 12:14 PMPosted by lolsienblog
As one of the MvP says, playing around what cards someone may have is something a lot of players aren't used to yet.

Explain me how I deal with:

- 4 power words removing 4 minions
- Shadow Madness optimally removing 4 others
- Me having to deal *immediately* with the clerics, lightspawns, accounting for 4 of my own removals and making them unavailable for endgame, tyou know, when...
-You play Gruul and have MC in hand to appropriate my counter and 2-for-1ing me.

There are actually two possibilities.
-Play warrior. Which got his draw nerfed to Oblivion.
-Play a rush deck

Guess why the metagame is all about rush decks at the moment ?
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10/23/2013 10:12 AMPosted by Andromalius
Guess why the metagame is all about rush decks at the moment ?

To win the game as fast as possible? It's like in a game of StarCraft. A Zerg rushing an attack at a Protoss taking a third base so he will win.
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10/23/2013 10:25 AMPosted by Gamerx219
Guess why the metagame is all about rush decks at the moment ?

To win the game as fast as possible? It's like in a game of StarCraft. A Zerg rushing an attack at a Protoss taking a third base so he will win.

Too bad protoss just 2base all in :(
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Mind Control - 8

"Take control of an enemy Minion.
If your Hero takes damage, return that Minion to it´s Owner / destroy it"

Interesting idea that ties into WoW mechanics.

Also agree with the above possibility of silences removing MC and returning the creature to the original owner.

Another possibility - the controlled minion has its attack/health halved (they're fighting the control the whole way).
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I feel it's just the entire list of priest abilities that have excellent removal and cheap mana cost that make them frustrating to play against. Mind Control is just another in a long list. Tons of synergy with priest abilities as well.

The class needs tuned down a bit.
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Mind Control: take control of an enemy minion. This minion cannot attack.

Similar to the ancient watcher. this means that the priest either uses MC to take a taunter to protect themself or use silence to attack with it. this would mean a silenced minion removes all buffs the previous owner had and any of the beneficial bonuses.

it's still powerful in taking a minion off the board and gives the priest options on what they can do with it now that they have it
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