flamestrike overpowered

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When i first saw the cards of the mage and the cards of neutral minions that provides spell damage +1 I thought about carrying the spells to directly attack the champion and not the minions. Only when the field gets pretty though I am forced to use some of the spells towards minions to control the board.

I do believe that now a days many people tries to spam low life minions in the early turns. I believe people called that style of play aggro. I also believe that as a mage or a priest the style of playing can't be aggro and is more of what I believe people called control. You can also play a shaman with a control deck. If the mage is not able to put a control on the minions in the early game, then she will suffer from a lot of income damage and no matter if flamestrike clear the board or not, the mage is already weak. The game does not ends when the mage clears the board with flamestrike, I would call it the late game phase just start. Perhaps you should try to include some minions that could be used in the late game phase or perhaps minions that can take the damage of the flamestrike.

In conclusion, don't claim a card is op if you haven't played the game that much and you are not able to distinguish from an aggro deck from a control deck.
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10/24/2013 06:01 PMPosted by Kayhole
Control is supposed to be a mages strong point. Flamestrike is easy to bait out.

Just play smart and you'll be fine. I see mages waste flamestrike all the time even in masters.

actually warlocks in WoW had the best control for a few expansion. once blizzard introduced enemies not aggroing from crowd control, you could take any class to instances for cc.

for a long time it was easy for warlocks to chain fear players in pvp. once diminishing return was introduced cc became less effective in pvp.

i don't know why you people compare mages to whatever game anyway and say they are supposed to be better at cc? in wow a hunter had more cc than a mage for awhile. you could freeze trap, sleep arrow, stun, etc.

talking about flamestrike in wow. flamestrike did little damage in wow for the longest time. hunters multi shot hit "all" targets and when frozen throne was released, a deathknights howling blast did the most aoe damage for awhile. so a hunter multi shot should hit all enemies in hearthstone?

if you play wow tcg and WoW, mages are supposed to have less health than other classes. so i think mages should have 20 health in hearthstone then.
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I don't think flamestrike is OP. Is a very powerful spell indeed and can do some brutal board wipes, but you have to account for it while you plan your turns. Ensure board control by turn 5-6 so you have minions on the board and he has none. And don't fill the board with minions that won't survive a flamestrike, keep the limit of under-FS health minions you have on the board down to 3 tops unless you are REALLY desperate. Only play four or more if they have 5 health or avobe (or a deathrattle, Golems are really handy to deal with flamestriking mages)

If you have more minions in your hand and mana to play them, resist the urge and play with a strategy in mind. When he uses flamestrike he won't be able to play anything very powerful afterwards (if at all, at turn 7 he's just wiped the board and that's it, he can't play anything else) so in the next turn fill the board with your minions again, but also keeping in mind he might have yet another flamestrike ready, so don't overcommit. Currently mages don't usually run two flamestrikes, but usually one at the most. But still be careful and play as if he had two.

Once he's played both flamestrikes, or you're certainly sure he has no more in his hand, you can fill the board at will. But if a flamestrike wipes the board and loses you the game means that either you didn't have proper board control before it, or that you overcommitted because you didn't plan for it. Either case, is not the card's fault. Maybe you had bad draws, or maybe he had a BS play of other cards that INDEED are OP (Mana wyrm anyone?). But either case is not Flamestrike's fault. The card is perfectly fine.
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Just move Flamestrike to Epic
and with nerfs, Pyro to Rare

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I love this. A new wave of players will be spamming "Nerf Mages" and this will happen forever now that it's open beta and all the Mage fanbois can try and act like it doesn't hurt but I know. The hate will overwhelm you until your spirit breaks and we win!
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10/25/2013 07:25 AMPosted by Sorter
Ever heard of Twisted Nether? Sure it's 1 more mana and blows everything up but, unlike Flamestrike which does 4 damage, that spell just destroys everything. Stop crying and L2P.

It also destroys your own minions. Flamestrike doesn't. It's possible to play around flamestrike (even though it's hard) but it's still a stupid skill-less and frustrating spell.
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I believe Flamestrike should get a change, not really a buff or a debuff. My change would for it would be for it to have 6 mana and deal 3 damage to all enemies (including hero).
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my first match...
You lose one match to a mage and you cry on the forums? L2P
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The problem with Mages is that they only have 2 AOE clears. One is very cheap and weak, and the other is very strong and expensive. Both of these have strengths and weaknesses compared to to other classes. With mages, you're pretty safe to load the board until up to turn 7. You can't afford to do that with other classes.
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10/24/2013 05:42 PMPosted by Kayhole
You can only use two copies in contstructed and If you flood the field with minions right before turn 7 you are just asking for a flamestrike.

Please post more about spells that are obviously balanced. Not blizzs fault you are bad at playing the game.

1 minion, 7 minions, you're asking for flamestrike turn 7.
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Flamestrike needs a nerf for sure.

Ive played tonns of mages which I outplayed at every single turn and still managed to lose against due to "LUZL I HAS FLAMESTRYKEEE!!!"

Mage: Survive to turn 7 and autowin due to pure card advantage
Mage: Play almost no creatures, still win the game due to spell spam
Mage: Poke abit and then instant kill players with fireball+fireball+pyro

Flamestrike/fireball/fireball/pyro = 26 damage + board clear in 3 turns

Mage is the go-to class for new players because honestly, you can suck at this game and still win by using flamestrike at round 7.

Oh, forgot to be constructive. Suggestion: Make flamestrike do 3 damage to the primary target and 2 damage to all others. (4+3 with +spell damage). Its not a huge nerf, but enough imo to balance it.
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dude just !@#$ flamestrike is a stupid spell and u know it
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warlock: hellfire, shadowflame, twisting nether
rogue: blade flurry (requires weapon equipped) and fan of knives with spell damage minions in play.
druid: swipe and starfall.
paladin: consecration (coupled with equality and it has the same effect as flamestrike for 1 mana less overall).
shaman: lightning storm
hunter: explosive trap
priest: holy nova
warrior: whirlwind

Thank you. that sumes it up
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01/23/2014 03:20 PMPosted by Ouroboros
ve played tonns of mages which I outplayed at every single turn and still managed to lose against due to "LUZL I HAS FLAMESTRYKEEE!!!"

lol. I think you're mistaken about who got outplayed.

It's really fun to make the other person feel like it's safe or that it's necessary to load out the board to keep the pressure on me. And then wipe their dreams away with this.

Put simply, you got baited and then outplayed.

On the other hand, there are players who manage to pressure the mage into flamestriking before they deliver their true payload. That's outplaying a mage.

Hearthstone is also a mind game.
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10/24/2013 05:58 PMPosted by Kratier
its not balanced no other class can do something like that, its op

Imp Master, Power Overwhelming, Shadowflame. Five mana and five damage across the board yeah no other class can do that. Every class has board clears so stop complaining just because you were on the receiving end of one.
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When I still played Flamestrike in my deck, it happened every so often that I was baited/forced to use it earlier than I wanted to, almost a full board of semi-annoying minions, flamestrike, followed by a couple equally strong or worse minions, have you people that are whining about this spell still (considering we're a !@#$ class now, you must be quite crap if you lose against mages all the time) actually tried baiting at all? Or are you the kind that drop 4 minions on turn 5 and 6 just to have them removed by turn 7?
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I am presuming you are new to the game, or got an unlucky match up in arena.
Flame strike is fine, if you layer your board with <= 4 health minions before turn 7, your asking for a kick in the proverbials.
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10/25/2013 07:25 AMPosted by Sorter
Ever heard of Twisted Nether? Sure it's 1 more mana and blows everything up but, unlike Flamestrike which does 4 damage, that spell just destroys everything. Stop crying and L2P.

One is an epic that also kills your cards

one is a basic card you get 2 of at level 10
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