flamestrike overpowered

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Flame strike should work more like hunter explode trap. Any minion who attacks takes damage
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I think FS is fine in normal settings.

It is not fine in Arena, when my opponent has 4 flame strikes and 2 blizzards.

Well played, lol. All I can do when I see it unfold in arena.

Or the druid I saw earlier with 6 Druid of the claw!

Arena for the Lulz and funzies.
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Flamestrike at 7 mana is fine although it does need to be changed to a rare for arena.
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Twisting nether sucks shat but flamestrike is really good. But not overpowered! Play a max of 3 minions usually against mage unless your are sure he ran out of flamestrikes.

BTW Flame strike should not be 5 damage! There are a lot of pesky 5 health minions and giving flamestrike that opportunity is OP.
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I don't even use it.
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10/24/2013 05:58 PMPosted by Kratier
yup its my fault that a 7 mana card is able to completely clear the field

its not balanced no other class can do something like that, its op

This is a true statement.
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Fear flame strike? Use deathrattle minions.
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10/24/2013 06:01 PMPosted by Kayhole
Control is supposed to be a mages strong point. Flamestrike is easy to bait out.

Just play smart and you'll be fine. I see mages waste flamestrike all the time even in masters.

Kinda ironic, actually, since Control Mage has never really worked unless you count Freeze Mage as a Control deck. Even in that deck though, the goal is less "clear the board" and more "stunlock everything until I draw Alex and all my burn".

EDIT: Oops, didn't realize I was necroing. My bad.
Edited by Kyat on 3/14/2015 11:19 AM PDT
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