Took a lot of luck and a lot of dust, but finally built a deck that I can't find room for improvement in, the only thing i seem to lose to is never drawing what I need and getting killed around turn 10.


Young Dragonhawk x2
Timber Wolf x2
Dire Wolf Alpha x2
Ironbeak Owl x2
Novice Engineer x2
Starving Buzzard x2
Flare x2
Tracking x2
Unleash the Hounds x2
Snipe x2
Animal Companion x2
Explosive Trap x2
Misdirection x2
Eaglehorn Bow x2
Gladiator's Longbow x2

I used to use Loot Hoarder x2 instead of Flare, but I saw two problems. One, Loot Hoarder's draw is vulnerable to silence, and second, if I am playing against secrets, especially explosive trap, I would rather have the option of destroying it rather than try and bait it, which is a waste of resources and time. Also, Flare is less mana than Loot Hoarder, and also breaks stealth.

Gladiator's Longbow is for later game cleanup or clearing large taunters should I need to rush a second time due to being unable to draw the full combo the first time.