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A small update since my last post.
I have now played 100 games since I started recording 2 days ago.
The stats are as following:

Warrior: 9-1
Shaman: 9-2
Rogue: 9-3
Paladin: 5-0
Hunter: 7-2
Priest: 16-2
Druid: 3-1
Warlock: 12-3
Mage: 7-9

Total wins 77
Total losses 23
Total Games 100
Win percentage: 77%

As you can see, I do fairly well against all classes. The losses are generally due to either the player just outright being way better than me, or in some cases just bad draw for me and lucky draws for the opponent.

However against mages, I just keep losing and losing. 9 out of 23 losses are against mages.
I try some various tactics, rushing if I can, play as usual(board control), but nothing seems to work. I wonder if there is a card switch I could do to help improve against mages, yet not sacrifice anything against the other classes.

Anyone got any thoughts?

Btw, I use the latest deck including Sylvanas.
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With the same deck, i have similar record with 100 games in 3* master: (i have some games played in custom so it's not absolutely accurate):

78 - 22 (78% winrate)

Some details:

My results against warrior, shaman, paladin, hunter, druid and priest are crushing (only 0 to 2 losses only).

Mirror match up is ok (6-3)

I'am struggling against warlocks and mages where W/L are approximately equal.

Mage is a tough match up where board control is not so relevent with burn spells. I played mage a lot and i know that under 20 hp, you can be crushed in 2 3 turns no matter what you have on the board.

Btw, I enjoy this deck a lot. It gives me sometimes very on sided games and is able to win surprisingly very fast.

My play is pretty strong in early game but i think my decisions in middle to late game are questionnable: i don't know very often when i have to play Sylvannas or Van Cleef.
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Another update from me ^^ Played 200 games now.

New stats:

Warrior: 14-3 (old 9-1)
Shaman: 18-2 (old 9-2)
Rogue: 17-5 (old 9-3)
Paladin: 14-1 (old 5-0)
Hunter: 21-2 (old 7-2)
Priest: 24-5 (old 16-2)
Druid: 9-4 (old 3-1)
Warlock: 20-7 (old 12-3)
Mage: 22-12 (old 7-9)

Total wins 159
Total losses 41
Total Games 200
Win percentage: 79.5%

As you can see I have been playing better in the second half, particularly against mages, been a 15-3 during the last 100 games. So I am pleased with that.
Still, I think mages, druids and warlocks are the most difficult for me.

I tried changing some stuff from the deck I used, first I switched out sylvanas for another defender.
Then I switched out van cleef for a fan of knives, but didnt like it, so switched it back for a Sylvanas. So after some small changes, the only actual change is van cleef out for another defender.

However I don't think that has impacted too much, I think the improvements are from me actually getting experience and improving as a player ^^

Anyway, I really love this deck, it's such a lot of fun, and I think it is a great deck to improve ones understanding of the fundamentals of HS.

So a big thanks again to Kithros for sharing the deck with us :)
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I run a similar deck.

I find defias a phenomenal card but I only run one of them. I replaced it with blade furry. With the amount of weapon boost, I find it helps with imps, stealth and just when the board gets a little out of control. I had two blade furry but most of the time the second one is a dead card when I already have one in hand.

I also don't have van cleef nor sylvanas so I put in assassinate and black knight. I use the black knight more than assassinate. Assassinate is usually saved for the ever ending yesra in decks.
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Holy crud, great deck! I started playing Rogue when I first got into beta, but then spread out to get my other decks up to 10 and do daily quests, etc. Since then, I found myself playing mage and warlock more, but deep inside I still wanted to be playing Rogue. I went back to my Rogue deck and just found it lackluster... I had originally built it trying to do something with stealth synergy, but with so much current emphasis on AoE, that just didn't really help me much anymore.

So I started digging around on here and found this deck. I read through the whole thread and liked the sound of it. I don't have all the cards for it, but I had enough and some dust saved up to make my own version of it. I don't have Sylvanas yet so I'm running two Defender of Argus, nor do I have Blood Mage so I dropped in a Shiv instead - figure the draw and 1 damage is close enough for now. I also don't have Azure Drake - so I swapped in a Chillwind Yeti and a Silver Hand Knight - figuring they match for cost and attack rating. So far those seem like a pretty fair substitute, but I'm not sure which is better yet.

I like that this deck lets me feel like I always have an answer for what my opponent does, and has helped me better understand Rogue play in general (I didn't have SI:7 Agent before, and that alone has been a massive change to how I feel toward Rogue). So thanks for posting this!
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The only issue I'm having if someone can explain with this deck is Warlocks. The deck has absolutely 0 ability to clear the stealth imps. How do you handle them?
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you either just play it like usual and dont worry about the imps, just some more damage needed for each minion, i usually only have trouble with double imps. Or you put something to deal with them in the deck
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Playing this deck w/o Slyvanas and Edwin. All day I make it to the late game and then just cant win out.
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^ by all day i mean actually today.
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12/08/2013 09:26 PMPosted by Nimand
Playing this deck w/o Slyvanas and Edwin. All day I make it to the late game and then just cant win out.

Ya, I'm seeing that too. If I can gain early control and keep control, I do fine. But if it's a back and forth game, the deck without epics often poops out. It lacks a late game.

The best answer is buy epics :) or be aggressive about using your weapon and very stingy with your cards early on.
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Finally got all legendarys. I am complete!
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Guys what about legendaries in this deck?
Explain, why in the deck needed thalnos, Edwin and sylvana. Thx.
Sorry for my English.
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Hi, Kithros. Have you kept playing? I was wondering what the validity of this deck is after all these changes. Cheers!
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I personally think that Rogues are hopeless at any rank above 10.
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Well I watched 10 Trumps videos when he tries to get to legendary rank without paying money, and he meets more rogues in legendary and rank 3~1 than for example shaman or priest, so obviously some people is making it work.
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considering switching our both inventors from the 4 4/4 rogue minion that grants stealth, protect my commander or edwin for 1 turn would be quite nice, never seen one of those in ANY deck before anyone know why? :/ 4/4/4 with perm conceal.. :/
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03/13/2014 04:59 PMPosted by RobotViking
Well I watched 10 Trumps videos when he tries to get to legendary rank without paying money, and he meets more rogues in legendary and rank 3~1 than for example shaman or priest, so obviously some people is making it work.

They are mostly Miracles. Pressure/Tempo is too weak because almost all classes have some good 5+ minions and Rogues have to use neutral minions.
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