Priest Discussion: Are they OP?


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And, hopefully you're wrong about not convincing people because being able to admit that you're wrong and then grow as an individual is an important process of becoming older/being Human.

Take your own advice.

Priests are so OP atm that it is breaking the game.

I hope you realize how OP priests are and you can become "older". lol
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anyway nobody here wants priest to be weak! I play all classes and like to play against all classes... just hate to think... Oh no another priest...

anw, way to fix it:
- make it mind control dispellable and it's fixed, possibly with a silence!
- cleric needs to be nerfed hard... make it only 1 per turn and its would still be already an excellent card
- Shadow Word: Death needs to have its cost increased by 2 or 3! its too cost efficient
- Shadow Word: Pain should be related to the defense of the card and not the attack...
- Shadow Madness is fine
- thought steal, mind vision: first they should show what they copied. They are too cheap, because they not only give the priest extra cards, they can show part of opponents hand and they also give access to abilities of other classes that priests don't normally have access too...

I'm not saying that all these nerfs are needed, don't want to nerf them too bad, but a combination of those for sure...
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Other than Mind Control requiring the priest to discard a random card, I do think it being dispellable would be fitting with the rest of the game.

If the cleric was limited to once per turn then all other card draws need to be limited to one per turn.

SW:Death currently costs 3 mana. Polymorph is 4 but leaves a 1/1 behind. Ditto with hex but leaving a 0/1 with taunt behind. All that being said, at most death could be increased by 1 more mana but after that it would be demonstrably worse than other class options. As is, only working on 5 power or higher monsters is a significant limiter.

SW:Pain working off the health of a card wouldn't make it much different than a direct damage card, of which priests already have several, weaker even since it couldn't even be used to soften up a higher health target.

I like the hidden aspect of Thoughtsteal/Mind Vision but having them show the card could definitely be a fair tradeoff if the cards are deemed too powerful.
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10/29/2013 05:20 PMPosted by cyndelaq
Your opponent has to play that minion one turn before attacking with it meaning that you have at least one turn to figure out how to take care of that minion, which isn't difficult. Lightspawn is fine the way it is.

Not sure you knew I was referring to 2 mind blasts dealing 10 damage for the cost of 4 mana.

The only thing that's comparable to that is a Mage's pyro and that costs a lot more.
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I find that when playing a priest, if i am not drawing taunts I tend to do poorly compared to other classes where they can easily rely on their weapons or class specific cards. I find that also hunters vs priest is pretty nasty to face when you are not drawing your board wipes as well, because of how many cards they have that can summon multiple minions.
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10/29/2013 09:41 PMPosted by Killawar
Your opponent has to play that minion one turn before attacking with it meaning that you have at least one turn to figure out how to take care of that minion, which isn't difficult. Lightspawn is fine the way it is.

Not sure you knew I was referring to 2 mind blasts dealing 10 damage for the cost of 4 mana.

The only thing that's comparable to that is a Mage's pyro and that costs a lot more.

While 5damage for 2mana isn't bad.It's only to the hero. The card has little to no utility, and unless that 5damage is going to straight up kill your opponent and win you the game, it is kind of crap when compared to the countless amount of cards that exist with high utility.
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10/29/2013 06:01 PMPosted by Carapeto
Priest is broken atm as rogue was before.

Priests have always been this way, even when Rogues were considered OP...

10/29/2013 05:48 PMPosted by Froxie
Priest are currently OP, whether your arguments hold value or not.

That makes no sense to me...

10/29/2013 05:48 PMPosted by Froxie
We shouldn't have to build our decks to "counter" a certain card or to "counter a certain race.

You don't, that simply should be common practice for all classes against all classes.

10/29/2013 05:48 PMPosted by Froxie
And if we rely only on low minions, what would the use be of high minions?

You don't/never did have to rely only only on high minions or low minions, that's the point in having a balanced deck. All I was doing, by mentioning the Priest's weak spot of 4 Attack, was bringing forth a potential strategy for people to consider and, thus, be taken with a grain of salt.
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From my experience, FotM = spread of information. There will be good and bad players, and I steamroll the bad ones.

I didn't build my deck around priests, or I'd never be running Oozes on all my decks. I am also piss-poor, so I don't have a lot of Legendaries, only Antonidas and Alex. I've seen more priests MC my Taz'dingo! and Azure Drakes more often than either.

My deck is far from complete (no spellbenders and Kirin Tor Mage... the dust!! D:) but when it is, it'll be able to take on even veteran Priest decks.

RNG willing of course. Only RNG will have me mulliganning my hand of 3 5-mana drops... into both legendaries and Pyroblast. :/
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Yes, they are OP. Even AI. Ffs.
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This is so ridiculous. What kind of MTG player are you exactly?

There are no instants in Hearthstone. You can have a control deck, but you can't have one like this. Priests has the best removal, the best disruption, and the best control.

Not ok.
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I really think priest do need nerf. First i think it is ok class, but now when i have played more, it's not... In arena it is best class you can choose.

    3 mana cost Shadow Word: Pain is too cheap for card that can kill any mob with attack 0-3 instantly. Change it like warlock curse. Kills that minion when your next round starts or make it cost 4 mana atleast.

    5 mana cost Shadow Word: Death is also too cheap for card that can kill any mob with attack 5 or more. Again change it like locks curse or make it cost 7 mana.

    MC: This is just b***!@#$. 8 mana and you cant take control of any minion.. I would change it like this. Cost is still same, but you also take 3 damage and mindcontrolled minion only stays for you 2 round (round when you control it, round when you attack) then mindcontrolled minion dies
    This is how you can still win those tight games but you dont get too much from that MC...

    Northshire Cleric: Just dont make that card proc from enemy heals and make it 0 attack. Then it should be fine.

    Though steal: Take those 2 cards from hand, not deck. Or if it takes them from deck, then show them to enemy. It makes it more risky then. You can pull cards with no use to you with bad luck. When you pull them from deck, there is allmost no risk or very little. Also you have to think more when when using it.

    Lightwell. Drop healing to 2 and make it cost 3

I'm not sure is there too much nerf, but priest just have so awesome classcards. They are very powerfull. There are other classes that need nerf too for some cards (Like mage). Here if you havent see them yet:
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Sometimes, you just, have to, use an necessary amount, of commas, in, your thread, topic.
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10/31/2013 01:46 PMPosted by FingerS89
Sometimes, you just, have to, use an necessary amount, of commas, in, your thread, topic.

Sometimes you shouldn't post if you have nothing constructive to add.
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10/29/2013 04:22 PMPosted by Qlimax
Northshire Cleric is overpowered, and that's it.

Wrath, Frostbolt, Weapon, minions, etc... All of these things kill the Northshire Cleric very easily. It isn't overpowered in any way. That would be like saying that the Starving Buzzard is overpowered, which it isn't. Yes, they're two different minions, but they both synergise really well with their class.

There are some major differences between the buzzard and the cleric. Mana cost (2 vs 1) health (2 vs 3) hero power activates the draw (so a reusable effect for 2 mana). At 3 health there is NOTHING that can kill it the turn it can be played. To make matters worse you dare not play anything vs it cause their next turn he will swing into it (most likely killing it as almost all other 1 drops have 1 health) then healing it for a card.

Fact is the cleric either needs to cost 2 or have 2 HP.
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The thing that gets me about priests isn't soo much how strong their decks are. It's how cheap these decks are to build. Which, then, when combined with the fact that they definitely are among the strongest classes, causes them to be insanely popular.

What sorts of expert cards do you need to play a decent Priest deck? Lightwarden, Light Spawn and... Yeah, what exactly? If you're stuffing the game with all the good stuff from the Priest's basic set, you're almost set. And there's enough basic stuff like Shieldmasta's and whatnot to fill the deck with.

Part of why you're going to see a lot of Priests around. To build a similarily powerful deck with any other class, you'd probably have to invest quite a bit more dust than that.
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10/29/2013 02:55 PMPosted by Shandu
Priests really have almost no down sides. Fill your deck full of 4 attack minions just to counter Priest, wooh fun!

Fill? Why do that? They only have two Shadow Word: Pain and two Shadow Word: Death. Do you only carry 4 minions? That might be your problem right there. You don't have to structure your deck around 4/X cards just to beat Priests, it's just something to keep in mind when fighting them.

I was in a Priest/Priest match up and I knew that my opponent Mind Visioned two Shadow Word: Death's from me -- well, suspected by probability -- since I had a terrible first draw and only had two SW:D and a SW:P in my hand when they used it. That made the game terrible to play, but I worked around it by never buffing my cards above 4 attack and using Mind Control to force his own SW:D -- thus saving my own and wasting his.

Longest game I've every had, but I won purely by smart play. That's all it takes.

10/29/2013 01:17 PMPosted by Elijah
If you don't open with a 3 health removal you have to completely play around the cleric, which can result in you having to just not summon monsters or give the priest multiple draws. I'm not saying it's overpowered, but it has potential to generate too much advantage if you don't draw the right cards.

Being a Mage, Rogue, or Druid and playing any 2/x card will work. There are 7 3/2 2 cost cards in the game. 2 of those are basics; and they're in all of my basic sets. Why aren't they in your deck? There are 17 3 cost cards that have at least 3 attack. And that doesn't include the 2 cost card with Silence, which would shut the card down instantly.

Is one damage a turn really that scary? Worst case, you both play a 3/2 on turn 2, on turn 3 they kill yours. So, by turn 4, that 1/3 has given them ... 0 cards. If you can't deal with it by then, you got bad RNG and it happens.

The Cleric is so easy to shut down and takes far more maintenance to get anything out of than people realize. I only recently tried putting it in my deck and I am so not impressed. Although, I did love killing another Priest by abusing his own Cleric on the field using a Naga Healer to force a Fatigue draw that killed him. Granted I had won anyway, but it was hilarious.

The fact that in the last 10 matches i played, 9 were against priests says all!
Priest is broken atm as rogue was before.
Currently it has the best creature removal ingame in a game based on creature.

My last 10 games, 8 were Hunters. Clearly Hunters are broken.

10/29/2013 06:01 PMPosted by Carapeto
In MTG i can interrupt a spell and can break enchantments...

Counter spell interrupts spells. I never play Mind Control against a Mage with a secret up unless I know it isn't a counter spell. But ... that means wasting a Holy Nova, Shadow Word, Divine Spirit, or a Power Word: Shield instead.

A Mage with Counter spell can really mess with a Priest's deck. I have to weigh using weaker spells early when I could use them to control the board and having to burn a stronger spell later to be able to use Mind Control or give up board control which can be a game ender.

10/29/2013 05:56 PMPosted by Vengrim
Lying and embellishing are not going to help your cause. Mind Control is an 8 cost card. The priest can cast that once and heal himself and then he's done. Mind Blast is 2 mana per. So unless the priest gets 22 mana then he is most definitely not doing that in one turn. Nevermind that mind controlled minions can't attack on the turn they are summoned.

Hunter, so I'd imagine it was a RtH deck. Shadow Madness x 2 and Mind Blast x2 are possible at 10 mana. But that means the Hunter got way out played by the Priest because a RtH deck should never, ever have let it get that far. Seriously, 10 mana, you have at least 2 3 attack or less cards on the board and the Priest is still alive?

Priest had to held onto those cards for a while to make that play. And he was good if that's what happened.

10/29/2013 05:48 PMPosted by Froxie
This is why priest are OP, since we basically NEED to save up on our hard removal only to kill the minion that could be potentially mind controlled. And if we rely only on low minions, what would the use be of high minions?

That's one method, the other is to not use your high end cards. There's other methods too.

Mages can Counter Spell bait other abilities, like Shadow Word: Death. Now you know the Priest has Mind Control still, but all of you 4+ cards are safe and you should have a deck capable of dealing with that.

Carry Faceless Manipulators in your deck -- and if you're these weird people that seem to carry nothing but legendaries in your deck I don't see why you wouldn't.

Or, yes, don't structure your entire deck on relying upon these cards. There are loads of fantastic cards out there that won't totally run you to lose -- or use them as steal bait for the Priest.

If you want to complain about being forced into specific deck builds, why not go for something like the fact that you absolutely must have draw abilities within you deck to have any success at all. Draw is, perhaps, the single or close to the strongest ability in the game -- the second being silence.

Can you build any successful deck at the high end that has 0 draw abilities? Hell, even on the low end it's difficult to get by without it. That's a mechanic which needs to be looked into.
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The only thing I think needs to be done is to make The cleric a 2 mana creature. Maybe up the mana cost on Death to 4 as well. That should deal with most of the problems I think are with the priest deck now.
That's just my opinion, I don't think mind control is that overpowered, it's just one of those extremely frustrating cards that every deck has.
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