Priest Discussion: Are they OP?


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The entire point of this beta is to iron out the bugs and help blizzard to find a good balance between the classes. The only way to beat priests right now is to only build your decks to counter theirs which screws you over if you never play one. Although this is HIGHLY unlikely because well over 60% of the players I've run into use them. If nothing else this should be a red flag since there are 9 heroes in this game. The theme songs of priests should be "anything you can do I can do better".
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10/29/2013 11:07 AMPosted by Respec
arguing players should build their decks around "countering priests" is not balance.

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What a stupid post.

"Priests are vulnerable if they can't control the situation."

Which situation is that? Really.

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I'm gonna be honest, if someone can have a 20/20 by turn 4 (and going 2nd I might add) is pretty damn broken. (and before anyone says something about silence I run at least 2 in all decks i just didn't have time to draw it, ya know what with the 20/20 beating my face in)
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I'm gonna be honest, if someone can have a 20/20 by turn 4 (and going 2nd I might add) is pretty damn broken. (and before anyone says something about silence I run at least 2 in all decks i just didn't have time to draw it, ya know what with the 20/20 beating my face in)
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Priests are just to damn hard. Polymorph at Mages can`t be compared to... the fact they can steal your BEST CARD or the most important thing, i do 1 damage with mage ability while the damn priests heals 2 points. That escalated quickly.

PS. 2 Days of gametime and 1 rouge 1 mage and the rest priests. Thats the best explanation this class has something bugged or OP.
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Simple answer: Yes they are completely unbalanced. Having to build 4 / 4 decks to counter a priest makes for a terrible game. And that pretty legendary you got by surprise - well guess what it's getting mind controlled.
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Everyone knows Priest is broken. The kids that are arguing against it are just delusional FOTM humpers. Blizz will nerf them before release - this is why it's a beta.
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10/29/2013 12:35 PMPosted by cyndelaq
Yes, if a Priest is able to buff it to kingdom come and attack with it then cool, but at a high cost

because I hear inner fire and divine spirit are expensive cards.
maybe there might be another cheap card that buffs lightspawn incredibly and allows you to draw a card to boot.
Maybe. Maybe.
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I sorry about all this, I really like playing hearthstone and its really hard for me a newly heartstone player to win vs priest, the main reason is the Cleric for 1 mana, what a strong card and the heal for next turn because you could not kill it at first turn or sec turn, then he just buff it...

then comes all the hard removel spells, and end minions that you can counter becouse you need to counter all his lowbi cards, with ofc he counter with is big control deck.

Priest is one and only Control / counter deck and is no fun to play agains

and it sadass's me that everyone just play priest... just to day i have been play 5 games all priest with the same kind of deck

no fun, to much control compare to any other class

might be i don't have all the class cards other then basic but still.. if they can wipe me out with just basic cards.. then its just stupit and really needs a nerf
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Priest is the most fun control deck to play against. It doesn't disrupt you from actually playing out your cards in any way. Mage is the most miserable control deck to play against. They can easily add 8 ~ 10 turns to the game that didn't need to be there, and can actually completely sacrifice their ability to kill you (minions, burn spells, etc) just to wipe the board and stall out the game even longer.

People are just BAD. If you can't beat Priests and aren't understanding the matchup against them, you're just not a skilled player. If you can't handle the Priest matchup, good luck against high-MMR Rogues, Druids and Warlocks.
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I only wanted to say 1 thing: nerf MC plx, ty.
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Shouldnt be able to MC above +8 attack minions and mc is fine.
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priests have an easy time delaying the game to turn 4/5
with either northshire priest or heal well (virtually unkillable early)

they either set up their draw cards early game...
they already got most of their inner fire set-up by turn 5 for mass destruction.
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anyway nobody here wants priest to be weak! I play all classes and like to play against all classes... just hate to think... Oh no another priest...

anw, way to fix it:
- make it mind control dispellable and it's fixed, possibly with a silence!
- cleric needs to be nerfed hard... make it only 1 per turn and its would still be already an excellent card
- Shadow Word: Death needs to have its cost increased by 2 or 3! its too cost efficient
- Shadow Word: Pain should be related to the defense of the card and not the attack...
- Shadow Madness is fine
- thought steal, mind vision: first they should show what they copied. They are too cheap, because they not only give the priest extra cards, they can show part of opponents hand and they also give access to abilities of other classes that priests don't normally have access too...

I'm not saying that all these nerfs are needed, don't want to nerf them too bad, but a combination of those for sure...

bold for emphasis

I am honestly surprised MC is being screamed about so much. Although I imagine it is one of the worst feelings having your big stompy you were all excited about stolen like that. Its like stealing a kids Halloween candy and eating it in front of them.

IMO the bigger problem looks like how selective you have to be in creatures vs priests due to the SW: Pain / SW: death combo. Having both cards tied to the attack of the minion is just to much. It looks overwhelming to play against.
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The more I look at the priest I come to the conclusion that priests capitalize off of novice mistakes. I have a feeling this is where a large portion of complaints form.

The nerf suggestions I've seen in this thread don't seem to be effective. I think it would be cool if mind control took on a different aspect. Maybe something along the lines of mind controlling the opponent's class ability in a manifestation of a creature which could potentially be a different manifestation for each class. The idea comes with two caveats, you can't use your class spell and they can't use theirs until the creature is destroyed.

For example, mind control a Druid, get a 1/1 that has a 50% chance of casting the class ability at end of turn for free, can't use your own racial, they can't use theirs until that 1/1 is destroyed. This lets some fun play with the priest be toyed with to power word shield the token, have taunters to protect it etc. Its a different approach, but would remove the hard removal that everyone is so crazy about.

For the cleric, a simple 0/3 would suffice over a health or cost nerf.

Light spawn isn't broken although I wouldn't mind it being a 0/4 over a 0/5. Sure it can stack huge, and to the guy that posted the 20/20 blah "I don't want to hear about the silence excuse" .. People that stack all those cards to a light spawn to get it silenced, poly, etc, are just plain dumb and any decent player knows this. I'm more than willing to silence all those cards away for a 0/5 and I'd take that trade any day.
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priest's card drawing ability is insane.
- Draw on command minion
- Draw TWO cards with Mind Steal
- Accessing other class abilities with mind vision (in addition to above)
- AOE silence
- And of course a low cost remover that disregards health stats in ONE application. some classes at least require 2 cards or actions to remove beef minions (LISTEN PRIESTS.. there's a huge difference between REMOVAL and DISABLE (silence).
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If people playing priests didn't say "thank you" when Mind Controlling minions to win the game after doing nothing but playing Shadow Word cards and overpowered draw spells then maybe everyone wouldn't be so mad.

Everyone knows the class is broken. Maybe things are a little more balanced when you have access to every single card at the top of the ladder, but for most of us, it is an extremely frustrating class to play against.
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Priests are OP. This is because in Hearthstone, removal cards are usually half the mana cost of the cards they are removing. They typically have no weaknesses, and it's nigh impossible to create half way decent deck that isn't based ENTIRELY around its ability to deploy removal cards.

Well, guess which class happens to be best at that...

In a game that is balanced entirely around removal, the class which has the most wins. And although aggro decks are powerful, here's a thought--you can use aggro... in a Priest deck. \(o__O)/
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I just played against a Priest that had a counter for EVERY one of my plays. Want to play a bigish minion? Mind Control! Oh what's that another? Mind control again! Darn that's not working time to play some small minions... Shadow madness POW! Well better get some minions on the field... Shadow word death! Well I'm finally getting some board control... Holy nova! And of course his super buffed lightwells combined with not one but two lightspawns that I basically couldn't deal with because of all of the removal or MC bull!@#$. I could go on but why bother?
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