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This is a deck which is really fun to play with. I am a master 3 player in EU server, I have been playing this deck for a few days. I would recommend this deck if you wanna have some fun. The bad thing is that it takes a while to finish a game. Basically it's a combo deck to 1-shot your opponent.

It is a control-late game deck. To 1-shot your opponent, you need Ravenholdt Assassin on the board or Gorehowl equipped. Play Alexstrasza to change your opponent's health to 15, attack with Ravenholdt Assasin or Gorehowl (7 damage) then charge Alextrasza (8 damage) to finish the game. Bang!
The whole deck is built to draw cards, drag it to late game and finish the game with this combo.

I listed my deck based on the cost of mana.

Inner Rage x2 This card can be used in multiple ways. This can be used as 1 extra damage on minions, 2 when you have Bloodmage Thalnos. This can be used to combo with Wild Pyromancer and Commanding Shout to Aoe down your opponent's minions. This can be used to combo with Gadgetzan Auctioneer to give extra card draw. This can be used before execute to finish a big minion. Also this can be used as finishing combo, which means you can 1-shot them with Arcanite Reaper equiped.
Charge x2 Essential combo pieces.
Execute x2 Good to kill big minions.
Whirlwind x2 Can be used pre execute. Can combo with Wild Pyromancer and Commanding shout. Can combo with Auctioneer.
Fiery War Axe x2 Good to clear board.
Commanding Shout x2 Combo piece with Wild Pyromancer. Also combo with Auctioneer means 2 mana for 2 cards. Sometimes 1 card draw is also not that bad.
Slam x2 Damage and card draw.
Cleave x2 Good board clear.
Wild Pyromancer x2 Combo piece with commanding shout.
Bloodmage Thalnos x1 1 extra damage of slam, cleave, inner rage and whirlwind is good. Card draw is also useful.
Shield Block x2 Card draw and armor is decent.
Spellbreaker x1 Used to remove taunter.
Arcanite Reaper x1 Used to clear big minions, also can be used as finisher.
Gadgetzan Auctioneer x2 Key card draw mechanics.
Abomination x1 This is used for mid-game defense.
The Black Knight x1 Used to remove taunter.
Gorehowl x1 Combo piece for 7 damage.
Ravenholdt Assassin x1 Combo piece for 7 damage.
Alexstrasza x1 Key combo piece. When you have it, all you need to think about is staying alive.

This is good against priest, simply because there are no minions for them to pain, death and mind control. And normally priest think it's a certain win for them to drag to late game.
This is not very good against a ice block mage, simply because you can not kill them in 1 combo.

This deck is a lot of problem solving. If you like maths, it's definitely fun to play. It's all about armoring up and clearing minions efficiently. Starting hand depends on play style of your opponents. There are usually quite a lot of options in the mid game. It's very common for me to take a full turn to clear minions in mid game.
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this decks horrible
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