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Hey guys I have enough dust to pick up a legendary.

I have Grog already and am looking for one that could also be used effectively in a Pally deck. I know its not a ton of info but what would you suggest?
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i think u will have more reply if u put it in the pally section and not warrior
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10/26/2013 09:34 PMPosted by SunReaper
i think u will have more reply if u put it in the pally section and not warrior

I think his point was that he wants one for his warrior deck that also would work for a paladin.

Leroy - good finisher, ok midgame if you can deal with the whelps you give your enemy

Hogger - kind of easy to get rid of, but can become a nightmare after a couple of turns if your opponent can't take him out/silence right away, and you're guaranteed at least one gnoll.

Black Knight - Good all around card, especially if you're minion heavy.

Cairn - great value if not silenced

Sylvanas - same as Cairn

Of course there's all the big ones that lots of people like (Ysera, Deathwing, Ragnaros), but I'm not a big fan of high cost cards.
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High Cost
If you're looking for something higher cost, Ragnaros is my favorite. Your opponent HAS to deal with him and silencing him doesn't really do much since it then just becomes an 8/8 minion that can attack now. That's one of his strongest features - they have to kill it, they can't just silence it. Fits pretty much any deck.

Mid Cost
Hogger is the most universal legendary. It fits well in virtually any deck. You are guaranteed at least one 2/2 taunt minion off him, so even if he gets silenced or killed right after you bring him out, it's still a decent play. You not only got an extra taunt minion, but you forced your opponent to spend resources either silencing or killing Hogger.

Low Cost
If you're looking for something low cost, Nat Pagle is a good choice. Your opponent must deal with him quickly or you could end up having a huge resource advantage. A silence really wipes it out, but it only cost 2 so forcing your opponent to use one of their silences on him really isn't a terrible trade off. I mainly use him as a target, something to occupy my opponent while I get my board set up, with the added benefit that I may draw extra cards. Nat fits into pretty much any deck as well.
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