I'm trying to make a budget druid deck :D

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as a ftper.

Currently my deck consists of

2x innervate

1x naturalize



1x ironbeak

2x kobold

2x novice

1x Healing touch

2x mark of nature

2x ironfur

2x swipe

1x keeper (may go 2x upon owls removal)

2x tastingo

2x starfall

2x druid of the claw

2x starfire

2x ironbark

Any help for improvement at all, within limited funding ofc as I am trying my best to play this FTP would be super appreciated :D (so lets say basics and I can work for rares and commons :) )
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Be sure to add chillwind yeti. the faerie dragons have helped me a lot too.
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okay, but what would I remove? :)
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10/27/2013 11:10 PMPosted by JASTME
okay, but what would I remove? :)

Healing Touch. Heal cards are utter crap
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I run

X2 Goldshire Footman
X2 Acidic Swamp Ooze
X2 Kobold Geomancer
X2 Novice Engineer
X2 Healing Touch
X2 Raid Leader
X2 Shattered Sun Cleric
X2 Swipe
X2 Keeper Of The Grove
X2 Shieldmasta
X2 Spellbreaker
X2 Druid Of The Claw
X2 Nightblade
X2 Starfire
X2 Ironbark Protector

It's been working exceedingly well for me.
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okay, but what would I remove? :)

Healing Touch. Heal cards are utter crap

That's part of what makes the druid unique, I have found an effective way to use my heal cards in top tier games. They aren't crap, you just aren't using them right. **EDIT** Don't get rid of your heal cards if you can find a way to manipulate it into your synergy.
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I used to take healing touch like you, but then i got assasinate to my ironbark protector.
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