2X Arc shot
2X Unleash teh lulz
2X Stonetusk Boar
2X Twolves
2X Young Dragonhawks
2X Snake trap
2X Knife Jugglers
1 River Crocalisk
2X Scavenging Hyena
2X Starving Buzzard
2X Animal Companion
2X Deadly shot
2X Kill command
2X Multishot
2X Tundra Rhino

lots of combos!
snake trap is badass with jugglers and buzzards (and hyenas after the trigger)
krush as a looming threat/finisher
enough stuff to pull off a potential Unleash the hounds burst but some other stuff so its not so obvious
could probably switch out the charge rhinos for a better middle range cost minion
have been playing around with hogger and the beast,
probably not the best deck, whatever

i killed a warrior on turn 4 today, so there's that =D
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