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Hey guys, wanted to get some feedback on my warrior deck. Thanks!

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A major weakness of the deck is that while you have an answer for everything, the odds of you drawing the answer is low. Most of the deck is just 1x.

Charge - maybe. only good when used on heavy elites
execute - yes
wildwing - maybe
goldshire - no! why?! he is useless.
young priests - maybe... only good when u have board control
commanding shout - only good in aggressive decks
fier war axe - yes. more.
cleave - yes. more.
rampage - since it only works on minions that lose health, it has to be used on things with more than 1 health to begin with. Namely elites or knife jugler/frothing berserker.
knife juggler - only good in decks where u spam cards.
pint sized - only good if u can keep it alive, which is difficult.

Early on you have no control past 1 weapon and 1 cleave. so pint sized summoner is useless until late game.

iron beak, good.
shield block... only good in decks where you are very weapon reliant, and you only have 1. so no.
frothing. yes
warsong. yes.
ironfur... maybe. lot of better options.
king mukla. again, only good if u have good board control, which u cannot manage with pure support cards and a single weapon.
questing - same as juggler. only good in spam decks. u lack the card draw and the cheapness of cards to do that.
kokrong - yes, more.
defender of argus - good, provided u already have 2 cards. Which again is going to be difficult.
twilight drake - very good. Even when I lack cards early on myself, pulling this out first turns into a 4-7 or 4-8. good if u have the advantage in cards. but the problem is you COMPLETELY LACK early game.
face maniplature... what? no. it has no rythem except with 5 cards in the entire deck.
argent commander - good
hogger - ... u cant keep him alive at turn 6 because u will be snowballed the rest of the game
sun walker - good
windfury - only good if u can keep her alive long enough to hit twice... which looks unlikely.
ragnaros - good

wow... you have almost nothing but bad cards or support cards before turn 3. you are trying so hard to be everything from a mage to a rogue that you are not being a warrior.

Here is what I suggest.
pull out knife, pint, goldshire, charge, whirlwind. instead put in more weapons, ooze, stuff with good health at 2 cost. cards that you specifically need to TAKE the beginning of the game with.

replace ironfur with senjin. take out mukla and questing adventurer and faceless manipulator. instead put in shattered sun clerics and something with good stats, besides king mukla. a good one to replace questining adventuer with is ghoul. put in some gnomes for card draw...

why? questing and knife juggler both rely on heavy card draw and spamming cards.

you lack card draw, so it would be suicide to spam cards.
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