Grinding the early stuff paid off!

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I have had the game about two weeks now and have primarily been playing Druid expect to do daily quests so I had no gotten ever class to level 10 yet. Then I read about the hidden quests for getting level 10 with all classes and then beating all expert decks in practice which for doing both pays out 200 gold total.

So I leveled all the classes in play mode I ranked for the extra XP and occasional win. I actually won more than I thought I would even with some level 1-3 basic decks. So a little extra gold there. By the time I was done with the 200 gold from the quests and the daily 40 plus some I had I bought three packs.

First pack sucked, all classes cards for other classes besides Druid. Second pack scored two epics and two rare including Hungry Crab for my eventual MurLock deck. Then on pack three bunch of random crap then on the last card...Ysera! I almost jumped out of my chair I was so excited. Maybe not the best card but much needed for my Druid control deck. Glad all that playing boring other classes paid off.
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congrats dude! i too am still very much feeling the fresh new game excitement.

cept I was not aware there are hidden quests. So you're saying its getting to level 10 with all classes and also beating all expert packs?? anything else?
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There are two more I have read about. One is you get 300 gold for winning 100 ranked or unranked games, yes that is 300 gold which means three packs! The other is I think 200 gold for winning 1000 games so that one is meh. But the 100 games one is awesome. Those are all I have read about other than the ones for leveling to 10 in all classes and beating the expert decks (make sure to change the little thing about the deck list from normal to expert before you start, it will appear once you have all decks to level 10).

Other than that there are the few early quests you get then the daily. I have heard there is a rare daily that is Win 7 games for 100 gold but I have not personally seen it yet.
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I spent $200 on packs and got 5 Legendaries. Thats 160 packs

I opened maybe 21 or so packs though grinding quests gold (yea I play a lot) and got 5 Legendaries, including a gold one.

Now, I'm not saying the $200 was bad, because I got lots of epics for all classes, but I've had better luck getting Legendaries opening a single pack a day. haha.

Sitting at 700 dust and waiting to craft Rag. Earning about 40 to 60 dust a day is soooooo slow.
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I also spent around $200 on packs, and I've opened around another 40 through gold, ended up with 10 legendaries. I used the leftover dust to craft Thalnos and Leeroy, next up is the black knight.

I got really lucky though as I got both a golden Rag and a golden Ysera.
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I want Bloodmage, Leeroy, Rag, and harison Jones, and my life would be complete.
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Gz hungry crab is worst epic ever.
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