An attempt to keep the Pyro-smith Deck alive?

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Hey guys, I have always enjoyed the idea of the Pyro-smith deck. However, since the battle rage nerf it does not really work as reliably as it used to. So, I am trying to see what reliable deck setups there are that still function the same. Here is a variation on the deck. Any suggestions are welcome!

Cost/ # in deck

0: Charge 2
0: Inner Rage 2
1: Execute 2
1: Whirlwind 2
2: Acidic Swamp Ooze 2
2: Armorsmith 2
2: Commanding shout 2
2: Fiery War Axe 2
2: Wild Pyromancer 2
3: Acolyte of Pain 2
3: Frothing Berserker 2
3: Warsong Commander 2
4: Arathai Weaponsmith 2
5: Abomination 2
5: Gurubashi Berserker 2

My idea with the 0 cost spells is to try to cash in as much as possible off of using the Pyromancer/ Frothing/ Whirlwind Combos. The charges are nice since most people just snipe off the warsong commanders.
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I could see maybe doing something with an all enrage deck or something; however, this is mostly for trying to pump up your bersker
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I'd be tempted to throw in a couple of rampages to keep those pyromancers and berserkers alive and beefy.
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So what would you drop for the rampages?

Also if anyone was wondering what the original deck I was going off of here it is.

Wild Pyromancer x2
Abomination x2
Acidic Swamp Ooze x2
Acolyte of Pain x2
Arathi Weaponsmith x2
Armorsmith x2
Darkscale Healer x2
Frothing Berserker x2
Gurubashi Berserker x2
Warsong Commander x2
Sunwalker x1

Battle Rage x2
Commanding Shout x2
Execute x2
Whirlwind x2

Gorehowl x1
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I'd probably drop an ooze and a weaponsmith, or alternatively one or both abominations.
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I just realized this deck might not even be worth doing since it relies so much on random card draw.... Curse you battle rage nerf :(
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Maybe throwing in some novice engineers for the extra card draw may help. I could see dropping an inner rage or the gurubashi berserkers for a Novice. What feels strange with this deck is the fact you kind of want to lose board control when you can drop your frothing/pyro/ spell combos. The more minions hit the merrier.

The 4/4 Taunt with the Aboms is nice since priests cant out right remove them. Also if they die the aoe affect is nice.
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Dang it, I just DE all my cards to make the deck... then I remembered battlerage got nerfed. :(
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Here is my version of the deck in case it helps:

Leeroy actually works much better than expected because it adds 2 minions that die to pyro or tremor.
You can also kill the minions with an enrage creature to enrage them.
The dead minions pump up your minions.
He is a 6/2 charge for 4 with all these advantages.

I don't play charge or abomination and only 1 armor smith.
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@ poster above me, same here man...
what can I do to minimize the damage? I spent all week on it and bought battle rage last, and then I read the card lol..
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