Warriors suck.

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So I just started playing this game. I know I have no experience but I'm fairly confident that I use my cards effectively. (i'm no newb to strategy)

I started heartstone and decided to level the warrior first.

My first 5 games vs other players: what in the f****** hell. Seriously.

Out of those 5 games I got my !@# handed to me in 4 of them (wasn't even a match). Only 1 was close (vs another warrior)

Like seriously what the $%^-. What is a beginner with not alot of cards supposed to do when playing warrior.

When i started the game vs the AI I lost 2/3 times against both warlock and priest (and it wasn't my fault i can tell you that, I played each turn to maximum effectiveness in those games).

Out of the 4 games I had my butt handed to me, I knew for a fact my opponents were worse than me. (i lost twice vs guys who kill my minion with their minion and then attack with there hero move instead of the other way around)

I mean c'mon if i lose vs people like that something has to be *!@#ing seriously wrong with warriors?

Get your $%^-ing act together blizzard this game will turn out to be pure bull*!@#...
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You dont have nearly any cards unlocked yet. be patient

New players play bad against certain classes since you dont know their kits yet. be patient

Warrior decks can be very effective in constructed once you learn all the tech to the game. be patient
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First 5 games? Wait till you get cards to actually start creating a deck which revolves around a style..
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Your sample size is staggering, clearly we are in a state of emergency.
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