Argent Commander > starfire

Both cost 6 mana, but argent commander gives so much more value. In the worst case, argent commander is a spell that gives 4 damage + a 4/3 minion. In most case, that extra 1 damage and the card draw provided by starfire is not gonna be better than a 4/3 minion. You won't be able to play the card you draw from starfire most of the time because you have spent 6 already. You can also buff your argent commander with mark of the wild, power of the wild and savage roar to do the last hit or kill big monsters. Only if you are playing a spell power druid, then starfire is better than argent commander.
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I have just started testing out AC in another minions slot but I could see swapping it in for Starfire instead. Will test it for a bit and report back.
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Uh, I have both, because both are good. lol
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Starfire is an amazing card for late-game Druid, it's a high damage late game removal spell that cycles itself.

Maintaining board control and card advantage at the same time. The number of yeti's I've smote down with starfall I cannot recall.
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Starfire deal spell damage through taunt but AC can't. See the differences? Sometimes I keep Starfire cards at the end to finish the hero (10 damage)
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They both have positives and negatives.

Argent Commander can pretty much trade 2 for 1 most of the time. If the opponent has a bunch of taunts, then either you don't control the board well enough. Or you need to get yourself a Black Knight right away! But more often then not, I bring him down to kill a minion, and another minion or spell kills him.

Starfire has It's own positive features as well. Like targeting anything and drawing a card.
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Argent does seem to be generally more useful. If I don't have boardcontrol and I starfire his single yeti and that's it for the turn then the opponent will simply proceed to play another minion retaining that control. If you play argent command and take out the yeti then you have something to work with. The card efficiency will be equivalent if the opponent using a kill card for it or trade another minion for it. You also get the option to buff the minion as well giving him more utility.
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Starfire is definitely better in dealing with 5 health minions and taunt but in all other situation, argent commander is way better. This is the trade off you have to make, but I think the benefits you get in the long run against any deck is better. Especially when there are other cards that can deal with them like the 4/6 taunt minion we have and starfall.

Starfire can only delay your bad situation for 1 turn, but argent commander can change the bad situation to a even situation in most time. For example, when it is round 6 and your opponent has 2 minions on their field while you have nothing, if you use starfire on 1 of the minion and end your turn, you are still in a bad situation because they still have 1 minion on his field and will summon more next round. If you use argent commander instead, you will be in a even situation because you both have a minion and your opponent may need to use spell to kill it to regain board control.
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