Innervate Suggestion Blizzard.

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Right now it's a very high risk card that can often lose you the game. If you spend it on a big creature to get it out early, there is a 70% chance it will die the next turn. So Spending it on our Ancient of War or Ironbark protector is really risky and usually a huge mistake.

My proposal is to give it a "Draw a card" added to the text. The Priests have a 1 mana cost buff that adds 2 health and works well with inner fire, and lets them draw a card. Warriors have a 5 heal (armor) + draw a card.

Now many people tell me it would be overpowered, but it's hard to look at cards like Unleash the hounds, water elemental, fireball etc....... and not look at the Druid cards and think, wow expensive.

So for those people that feel this would be too overpowered, lets change it to be more like the choice cards for the druid. Keep it the same as it is, 0 mana , add 2 crystals OR add 1 crystal and draw a card.

This has to be fair. So you basically get a coin + card draw, or you can use it for mana acceleration like it is. I don't see this being overpowered at all. Not to mention Druids would finally have a staple card that doesn't feel like a ripoff of another class. When you see druid, you can think, what crazy mana acceleration is this guy going to pull.

Opens up more deck building maybe?
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TLDR Get 2 mana crystals or Get 1 and draw a card.

I really like this suggestion! Good idea OP. Makes Innervate much more versatile.
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A 0 cost cycling card with extra mana on top? Never going to happen.
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Lol sure, lets give the most overpowered card in Hearthstone right now more abilities. Cause that makes sense.
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As much fun as it is to imagine buffs to a class you like, that's an utterly ridiculous idea.
You're getting coin + card draw, when druids already have some pretty powerful card draw cards. Innervate is powerful enough as is, it really doesn't need a buff when you easily get out things like yetis on turn two when there's very few ways to remove them.
Consider a warlock, they pay for some tempo for cards with their hero ability. Druids with innervate and wild growth pay for tempo by giving up some cards.

If you're losing a big creature like cairne or a druid of the claw or a yeti the turn after you put it out in the early game you are playing against some really weird decks.
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