Currently I play a deck that aims ot one or 2 shot opponents but the problem is, that the combo shows up not very often. I think I need a mit more drawing power. The second - but minor - problem is to deal with taunt creatures. But maybe it is not that importent once the deck becomes quicker.

The deck:

0 Charge x2
0 Inner Rage x2
1 Execute x2
2 Cleave x2
2 Heroic Strike x2
2 Rampage x2
2 Slam x2
2 Cruel Taskmaster x2
3 Frothing Berserker x2
3 Raging Worgen x2
3 Warsong Commander x2
4 Mortal Strike x2
4 Arathi Weaponsmith x2
4 Kor'kron Elite x2
5 Arcanite Reaper x2

The idea is to get a Raging Worgen with Charge and Inner Fire out quickly. Perfect would be with two times Inner Fire or buff from the Cruel Taskmaster and 2 x Rampage which would result in 28 damage.

How could I make the deck better performing?
Edited by Moongazer on 10/31/2013 11:49 AM PDT