Grommash needs tweaking - my thoughts, yours?

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Hi There,

I feel like Grommash could use a tweak. I'm not suggesting the card needs to be made more powerful, just that I feel as the Warrior class legendary card, it doesn't fit very well into the current meta. I've yet to see a competitive deck that is improved upon if you include Grommash. He is just too situational and in my opinion detracts from overall deck synergy regardless of deck construction, he's more of a "for fun" card.

Frankly, several of the other hero class legendary cards I think could use a tweak as well but I won't bring that into this forum / discussion.

I'd love to hear other's feedback regarding Grommash.

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Grom is everything that is a warrior: a charging enrager. Combo'd with an Inner Rage on turn 8 or a Cruel Taskmaster on turn 10 and he's a 12 damage missile. Need be you could set him off with a Whirlwind also.

But that is all he is: A missile that needs to be combo'd. It's a waste smack him into something inorder to enrage him.
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Im slowly saving up dust in order to get Grommash, so my opinion is purely based on speculation. I basically just see Grom as an upgraded, replacement for my Gurubashi berserker that I currently have in my deck. As such I would play him like I would my berserker, only drop him if i have something to combo with and trigger enrage on him and when there are no enemy taunts out on the board that I can not eliminate with an already equipped weapon or with one of my own minions. In my deck an enrage item could be whirlwind, slam, or inner rage (ps have used this with a combination of rampage to great hilarity on my reg berserker cant wait to try it on grom). It's about the luck of carddraw and then the combo of said cards in order to make a card like Grom truly legendary.
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Hi Avermyth - I was in the same boat as you. I thought Grom looked awesome on paper and I'd been on his receiving end a few times and thought that huge slam for 10 or 12 damage was amazing! I saved up and crafted him and definitely regret it. I've played every flavor of Warrior build pretty extensively and he just doesn't groove well. When you can get him in your hand turn 8 and are lucky enough to have an Enrage handy -and- there are no blockers up he's great. If not you're looking at turn 9 or 10 (whirlwind / taskmaster). This scenario is just so incredibly rare. Once on the board, the odds are slim he survives to attack again, your opponent will do everything they can to knock him out, which usually happens (and yes I try to make sure all the hex's and poly's have been played, etc). Do a little more reading and look at all the top warrior decks, you won't find him. Be cautious with your dust, Grommash is fun, but he won't "boost" any deck you have or make it more competitive. I encourage any Grommash owners out there to chime in, lord knows I'd like to run my Grommash if I could find a solid use for him.
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