Getting tired of losing to this

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They have a Starving Buzzard in play. They play a 1 cost creature...and draw into a 1 cost creature....and draw into a 1 cost creature...draw into a 1 cost creature...draw into a 1 cost creature...draw into a 1 cost creature....draw into a 1 cost creature...Unleash the Hounds and win.

Just had to vent. Not saying it's the most OP strat in the world considering they've always played nothing but heavy removal at the beginning...but yeah Unleash the Hounds could use a cost increase imo.

Losing always sucks but when I'm one turn from winning and they pull this out of you-know-where it actually begins to weigh on me a bit.
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There's actually a ton of ways to deal with this strat, it's very risky for the hunter to be doing this. If you are a decent player you will find it a walk in the park to play against.
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I assume the strat to beat them is to play as aggressively as possible. Which I tend to do in general especially vs hunters. Like I said they tend to go heavy removal early so they can build up resources for a one-turn victory. It's not very risky at all unless they have literally nothing else in their hand before milking the buzzard.
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TBH, if you aren't playing an aggro deck with a least 14 minions, or an EXTREMELY well placed DoA, Countersecret (Snipe, Explotrap, Counterspell, Ice barrier sometimes), you won't win.

Aggro and Control are the 2 possible deck types so far in this game, UTH DEMOLISHES Control, but gets finger!@#$ed by Aggro. That's how it boils down to be honest.
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Finger.....ed by ME? :D

Oh yes! Aggro does! :D
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