Take A Look At My Deck Everyone!

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11/01/2013 11:25 AMPosted by Chris
In no way do you sound or look clever or smart. You look like a moron

Is that because I said I was from an under-funded play school? I mean, they did have smart kids there too and I think it's really unkind of you to generalise that because I am from a non-wealthy background and didn't receive a gold-plated education that I am not clever or smart.

You really need to consider how you speak to people.

You're just like my old barber. I never really used to have much to say to her so I just used to 'waffle'. Come to think of it, is it barberess for a female barber? It kinda has to be I suppose. Then again, females in the acting profession now demand, in the interests of equality, they be titled as "actors" as opposed to "actresses". That's fair I suppose. I think which ever is most comfortable is correct.

Anyway, as I was saying, my old barber(ess) ended up thinking I wasn't very intelligent because I would incessantly just waffle to endure her 15 minute chats when should she should have been concentrating on cutting my hair. I know, ofcourse, I am intelligent after you told me so in an earlier topic, Chris, but before that event I was unsure so it was a little unsettling, I suppose, to hear my barber(ess) say that - behind my back no less.
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I play every class in the game and I rarely look at the class specific forums. When I do, I don't go there to look at peoples decks and critique them.

The people who stalk those forums regularly are the ones who main or primarily play the class of the given forum they are in.

Get out of my thread unless you want to post something related to the topic. I'm so serious I'm sick of trouble starters like yourself. There was no reason to say what you said, you just wanted to cause trouble.


I would never dare to say something for no reason other then to cause trouble. My mother always told me never to start a fight, unless I was a pirate. She also said that I should never build a deck solely around the enrage mechanic. But perhaps that's a story for another time.

I also find it interesting that you would take yourself as an example of every single user in this forum. Certainly, if you posses such an impeccable insight in human behavior your talents are wasted in a simple game such as Hearthstone.

But I can understand where you're coming from; in the end, I haven't posed a single piece of advice for you to shoot down and ignore. I should remedy that, but honestly I feel my limited experience pales in comparison to yours.

Maybe you can post this deck on deckbuilding sites, like hearthpwn.com, and with a good name. That way, people searching for 'random warrior decks without any unified direction or purpose' might end up with this.

You did it again. Just go away.

Trouble starting troll.
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But he's right man, accept the critic and move on.
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The entire internet community takes anyone who disagrees with them or makes them feel small and labels them a troll now.

Quit posting things that are off topic.

Critiques on the deck only and stop getting mad if I disagree with you.


Good point.

But I disagree with your entire deck. It's far too weak.

But hey...that's just my opinion.
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