Druid deck discussion/showing off my deck

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I have a druid deck I've been running in ranked for a week that I have a ton of fun with. I'm only 3 star platinum so it could still probably be horrible, but I've had quite a bit of success with it.

The deck: http://i.imgur.com/KW5ubYW.png

I don't really know how to describe it. An immovable wall of taunt, maybe?
anyways, I'd like to know what people think of it and maybe how I could improve it in any way. I'd also like some deck discussion going on and such.
Sorry if there's a post already where I should post it, if there is I didn't know about it.

So, yeah. Tell me what you think and stuff

oh and if you want to see it in play I am uploading a video to youtube right now where I played 3 games with it. I messed up my mic levels though so my commentary is really quiet (even though it's not great commentary anyways) and I don't really wanna promote myself and be annoying, but if you wanna see it let me know.
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Doesn't look bad, but do you have access to more cards?

I would take out spellbreaker and put in another Keeper of the Grove. It's vastly superior and at the same mana.

Besides that, this deck looks similar to a certain others (myself included) have been posting the last few days.
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Gonna take out the spellbreaker and add in another keeper of the grove when i have a second keeper of the grove
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11/01/2013 04:14 PMPosted by Thraksy
Gonna take out the spellbreaker and add in another keeper of the grove when i have a second keeper of the grove

Oh sorry, I don't know why I thought Keeper was a basic card. Its been a long time i guess.
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I think the deck is missing some card draw power. Starfire is a great spell. Against your Lord of the Arena for example, it kills it, and draws a card, for the same cost as it took for you to play your minion. It is also great for killing Sen'jin, Yeti, and a lot of other popular minions.

I also think your early game is very weak. You don't want to play your Ooze or Owl on turn 2, and for turn 3, all you have is the Cleric with nothing to buff except maybe a Panther. On turn 4, again, all you have is 2 Yetis, because you don't want to launch your silences out there just because you can. I suspect that if you don't draw an early Innervate you will be behind by quite a bit, especially since you don't have Wrath, which is great for killing the opponent's early stuff that has 3 health.
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My question is what style are you going for. This deck isn't control, aggro, spell power, tempo. It seems a mishmash of styles. If you are having fun playing it then cool go for it. If you are wanting to turn it into a more solid deck ten pick a style and search these forums there are plenty of examples of the various deck styles. Quite honestly Druid control is the way to go right now.
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