Feedback for my deck please

I just created this deck last night and it played pretty well. Won 2/3 games and the one I lost was close. Please give me any feedback as I just started using warrior.

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It looks pretty solid to me. Unfortunately I only about half of the cards you've included in your deck so I can't say how they've been working for me.

Are you having issues with any particular match ups?

Personally I'm not a huge fan of Battle Rage post-nerf, and I lean more towards Slam for the option of removal/card draw, but you do have lots of enrage creatures so it makes sense on paper. On average how many cards are you drawing when you use it?

Let me know how it goes for you with this deck. I'm interested to know!
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I haven't played it too much yet so I can't answer your questions too well. It seems solid but I think I had issues finishing off a priest or a shaman last night. I got off to a quick start but they rallied for the win. I did get lucky as I got a gold legendary I didn't need from an arena pack which I d/e for a bunch of cards to build this deck.

I will post back after I play another 15-20 matches. Any other feedback would be appreciated.
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So I ended up morphing my warrior deck into this:;69:2;81:2;95:2;96:1;130:2;161:2;182:2;215:2;227:2;477:2;493:2;504:2;560:1;627:2;632:2;

It seems to be pretty successful so far. I'd say I'm winning quite a bit with it. Anyone have some thoughts on it?
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Generally speaking your deck needs to win early game. If that fails I don't think it can recover.

I feel like not putting warsong commander in without any charge minions in your deck makes it to be too slow. Also you have a lot of low hp cards in your deck in addition to being slow makes it really susceptible to aoe damage.

I don't really think its good to have both arcane reapers, i'd trade one out for a arathi weapon smith. Also might want taunt creatures with hp minions. As for the armor build up start, i'm not sure its that good for warriors. Also argent commander is nice in any deck if you got it.
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This is the deck I wanted feedback on. Sorry I wasn't clear enough.;69:2;81:2;95:2;96:1;130:2;161:2;182:2;215:2;227:2;477:2;493:2;504:2;560:1;627:2;632:2;
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This is the deck I wanted feedback on. Sorry I wasn't clear enough.;69:2;81:2;95:2;96:1;130:2;161:2;182:2;215:2;227:2;477:2;493:2;504:2;560:1;627:2;632:2;

can't open this link
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Not sure why it doesn't work but regardless here it is:

Execute × 2
Whirlwind × 2
Cleave × 2
Fiery War Axe × 2
Heroic Strike × 2
Slam × 2
Frothing Berserker × 2
Raging Worgen × 2
Shield Block × 2
Tauren Warrior × 2
Arathi Weaponsmith × 2
Kor'kron Elite × 2
Arcanite Reaper × 2
Spiteful Smith × 2
Reckless Rocketeer × 1
Gorehowl × 1

Last night I ran into difficulty against some shaman decks i noticed.
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i feel that this is a decent deck that can probably win 50 percent of the games, however i feel you will have a lot of trouble with many classes and skilled players

you lack drawing potential, meaning if the other person can trade with your character and draw more cards than you, you are a bit screwed

you have an enrage deck, i would probably trade ww for enrage spell

you may also need gromosh hellscream though i' don't have the card he seems to be a good finisher

im not a big fan of your tauren warriors

not sure about the spiteful smiths and i don't think you'd need more than one arcanite reaper or any

you lack taunt and big creatures in general

you also lack momentum and value cards like defender of argus, shattered sun cleric, dark iron dwarf

not of a fan of reckless rocketeer, argent commander is a billion times better
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