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I've been having trouble making my Hunter deck work, so I figured I'd come look at the board and see what I can learn about the class and its play style. Surprisingly the majority of threads here are of the "OMG Hunter OP" and "Hunters always win this sux" variety, while I've yet to win a single match today with my Hunter deck.

I've got beast synergies, I've got board clear, I've got traps. I've got the tools I need to make this work. But invariably my matches boil down to two patterns:

1. I try to deploy beasts early and get my synergies going, and they're easily picked off or traded one by one. This should at least deplete some of my enemy's removal, but nope, they never seem to run out of gas and eventually I do.

2. I hold back so I can play 2-3 beasts a turn and get some immediate synergies going. Meanwhile they rush some guys on the board and by the time I can actually get something together, they have an army and I'm down 1/3 or 1/2 health.

So if I rush, I can't get the beast army working. If I play slowly, I get rushed.

What am I missing here? How do I get my beasts on the job without them being wiped out every time before I can do anything with them?
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Ignore the OP threads and focus on the actual deck threads, and there lies your answer to all your questions.
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I try to give you some general ideas:

In the current meta (masters only) the dominant hunter deck is the notorious Unleash The Hounds deck. It counters the very popular-slightly OP mage-priest-paladin control decks. The drawback is that the UtH deck is countered by any swarm or turtle deck. And the last two is more common at lower levels. So if you play low levels (not skill, just rank, no offense...) skip the UtH deck.

Build a deck without beasts, keep the Animal Companion cards. And run neutral minions.... Acolyte of Pain, Leper Gnome, Knife Juggler, Loot Hoarder, Ironbeak Owl, Raid Leader, Defender of Argus, Taz'Dingo (Shieldmasta), Champion (x1). Maybe some utility, like Ooze or more taunt (grizzly for Kill Command, or Razorfen Hunter), and fill the rest with damaging spells and some secrets (4 maximum: explotrap/snipe/misdirection etc.).... Play exploshot/multishot/arcaneshot/animal companion....

Playing with beasts is actually harder then without...
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