Let's talk Cenarius.

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I pulled him from a pack today and am running him in my control deck right now. I don't see him listed in most peoples decks anymore. Am I missing something about him that makes him not a viable card?

Played about twenty games so far with him in deck. Two he saved me when I didn't have board control and I went taunt option. Three games when I did have board control and a few 4/x minions out he allowed me to beat the snot of of my opponent with the 2/2 option.

Seems like a good choice card To me. Again am I missing something that is the reason people aren't playing him?
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I need Cenarius...He's like a Charizard to me. I need him, but it's taking forever for me to get.
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I have him in my 3 star diamond deck, but i havent played ranked at all seriouslly yet, i plan to devote a weeks worth of free time ( 2-3 hours/ night ) when i can to get to GM 2-3, However i pretty much snowballed to D3 using cenarious as my most expensive drop.

That doesnt mean i like him, quite the opposite, when you consider a 9 drop lets talk about what he brings to the table.

2/2 all minions, you have buff cards, This isnt worth a 9 drop

2x 2/2 with taunt, i pretty much only ever go for this option unless i have enough on the board for a 1 turn kill with the 2/2 stats, The good thing about this is it "usually" allows you 1 turn with cenarious after you drop it, as you now have 2 taunts for your opponent to deal with, problem is, even if he does survive, you now have a 5/8, Hardly worth a 9 drop.

Lets compare what else you can get out,

Ysera being the most noteable i think, even if your opponent uses 3-4 cards to remove it, you have now gotten a dream card, and if its left on the field, you win in about 3 turns.

Rag, speaks for itself, wins games in the turn its played if lucky.

2x druid of the claw, 4/6 x 2 with taunt, vs 5/8 + 2/2x2 taunt. This is without the charge option.

I just feel for his mana cost hes not worth it, im still using him, tho i dont have a rag or ysera to change him with, but i think once i start grinding ranked his days are numberd.
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I don't have Rag yet but do have Ysera in my deck also. I am also running 2x Druid of the Claw.

As for Cen I find that if you are having to use the 2x taunt option is you not only get to the taunt putting pressure you usually get a 5 hit with Cen and a lot of times a hard removal of Cen because people see a 5/8 and feel they need to deal with it.

If going the 2/2 option you are pretty much assuring yourself a turn 10 win which is why you chose it.

Ysera is a great card that I love but she doesn't have the bang power of Cen. She will force a hard removal of a 2-3 minion trade while you pull dream cards but you usually only get a turn or two of that and then you still need turns/mana to play the cards.

Cen is more of a taunt wall or nuker setup card while Ysera is more of a distractor to me. But both fit nicely in the deck. If I got Rag I would find a way to work all three into my deck probably as they each have their own unique usefulness IMHO.
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Cenarius is sadly a pretty bad card, there's no reason to ever play him when Rag and Ysera exist, and Rag is much better than Ysera.

Here's the legendaries that are better for Druid than Cenarius:

The Black Knight
Bloodmage Thalnos

It all boils down to that 9 mana cost, hopefully they nerf him and lower his mana cost so we can actually have a reason to use him.
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Hogger and Ysera are much better than Cenarius, especially against Priest. Both Hogger and Ysera have 4 attack which mean they can't be killed by Shadow Word Pain/Death.
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