Frothing Berserker

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Got my Frothing Berserker to 17 attack. Used one Rampage in conjunction with the damage buff Frothing Berserker gives. Whats the highest attack you've gain with your Frothing Berserker?
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Highest I got with mine is 9 with the use of a Rampage after a Priest used my Slam on it to damage it for me.
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I'm pretty sure 19 was the highest I got it. I kept the field clear with Axe's and double blocked with two Tauren warriors.
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22, I kept hiding it behind taunts and I figured it was going to get nuked by direct damage but it never happened...

There was some whirlwind and cruel taskmaster hijinks in there as well.
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Whirlwind + Frothing Berserker worked pretty well.
It was already at 9 and it went up to 17 and won.
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27 when I was at 4 life and the enemy was at 26
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I got mine to 3 one time but usually they don't last that long.
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34-3. double rampage. 2 whirlwinds. inner rage. there was about 6 minions on the field including himself.
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34-1 playing math warrior when that was still a good deck. From an empty board too.

Warsong commander+2xunstable ghoul+frothing berserker combo. Added a whirlwind from the deathsbite deathrattle to the party vs a full shaman board.
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