SI7 Agent trigger Spellbender?

I was in a game earlier with my druid deck and had the keeper of the grove's 'Do 2 damage' effect trigger Spellbender. Either this is a bug or the game counts this as a spell. I was wondering if anyone has had this happen with SI7 direct damaging effects? Is it considered a spell as well?

Just curious, Thanks.

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I never tested this, but Keeper of the Groves animation points from your hero to your target. SI 7´s doesn't. I´m pretty sure the game considers Keeper of the Grove´s effect to be a spell. Though I don´t think it´s intended that way, as it's inconsistent with every other battlecry mechanic. Good to know though, this 2 for 1's every Counterspell.
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There's a bug with some druid 'choose one' abilities - for some reason the keeper of the groves ability is treated as a spell rather than as a battlecry.

The bug is with keeper of the grove, not with SI:7 - as spellbender is meant to trigger off of spells, and neither of the two are spells.
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Yeah the reason I was curious about the SI7 was because the SI7 is the only other card that I'm aware of that does damage when played (combo'd in this case) but doesn't actually say 'Battlecry' (like Keeper of the Grove) next to the effect text. For example, Perdition's Blade is a lot like the 2 previous mentioned cards, except it says 'Battlecry'. I didn't actually look through all of them, but it's the only one i could come up with off the top of my head.

If it happened to both cards I could theorize that maybe it was intended for some reason, but doesn't really make sense.

Forgive my lack of knowledge/experience with hearthstone, but what do you mean by 2 for 1's every counterspell. Meaning it is a way to burn counterspell/spellbender without wasting a card? Or that the keeper of the grove could trigger both of them in one play?

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playing keeper shows you two extra cards to play as a battlecry, i guess thats the reason. wonder if it triggers questing adventurer and mana addict too ;p
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This has to be a bug because I just finished a game with a rogue that used a SI-7 Agent to kill my Faerie Dragon. Going to have to test and see if this happens with Perdition's Blade as well.
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