Warrior enrage rush that actually works

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First off I have leveled my warrior to 40 perfecting this deck. 3 Star master with this deck, not that that is hard to do. Lastly I have gone 9-0 THE DREAM and hit 9 regularly in arena so I like to think I have an idea on what I'm doing.


Amani Berserker x2
Cruel Taskmaster x2
Acolyte of Pain x2
Frothing Berserker x2
Injured Blademaster x1
Raging Worgen x2
Tauren Warrior x1
Warsong Commander x2
Kor'kron Elite x2
Leeroy Jenkins x1


Inner Rage x2
Execute x1
Whirlwind x2
Battle Rage x2
Commanding Shout x2
Rampage x2


Fiery War Axe x2

Early Game:
Keep the board clear with War Axe and Amani Berserker.

Draw all the cards, smash down that acolyte of pain and hit him with a Cruel Taskmaster or an Inner rage. Now you have a 3/2 that draws you cards and needs to be dealt with OH and did I tell you for just doing the combo you get a card. Yeee boy.

Next play should be a Raging Worgen* or Frothing Berserker. *DO NOT ENRAGE THE WORGEN the turn you play him. If you inner rage / Battle rage your worgen your opponent is going to sh!t themselves and kill it at all cost. You save those buffs for your next turn so you don't give your opponent a possible 3 for 1 (that's 3 cards for 1 card).

Mid Game:
LEEEEEEEEEROY JENKKIIINS with Kor'kron Elite thats 10 damage in 1 turn. Its almost as good as pyroblast, nothing is as good as pyroblast, GD pyroblast. If you havent actually killed your opponent with this move flex in that whirlwind. Whelps? What Whelps? Plus if you have any non enraged minions out well guess what, they're enraged now. Now is also a Good time to battle rage.

Late Game:
Firstly lets hope you won by now. Secondly all hope is not lost. Warsong Commander plus Worgen plus Commanding shout plus any buffs you have for the worgen means you just cleared out at least 2 huge threats and still have your worgen.

Having a frothing berserker out during any of these phases means hes about to bring the pain mon. The biggest I have gotten my berserker is 23/2 needless to say that guy conceded.

Make sure not to deck yourself (run out of cards) and to not draw to many cards. The feels when you have to draw and you have 10 cards in hand.
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get rid of the tauren warrior and add Onyxia
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Why wouldn't you run Injured Blademaster x2 when you already have 2x Battle Rage and 2x Rampage. Even without the synergies he's a better card than Tauren warrior.
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This sounds like a really fun deck
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This deck is a lot of fun when the stars align. Unfortunately I'm still having problems if the cards aren't there. It's easily stomped by a control deck.
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Had a number of games with this now - and nfi how you're actually getting those percentages. I don't even get 50% at 3-star platinum.
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Needs more weapons, less gimmicky cards that are begging you to get 2 for 1d by removal.
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Played some more with this, definitely giving it up. Too situational, I find myself constantly without the right cards to make anything happen, lack of protection for the good enrage minions fails with easy control decks (priest or druid smashes it), plus lack of taunt means any enrage minion simply falls over. Shadow word death, pain, poly, mind control if gets too high, wrath... list goes on. Minions are easily controlled and destroyed.

In short - 2/10. Fun deck when it works, but otherwise, not very useful. I like the concept but it needs work.
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Lots of similarities to my warrior super synergy deck.


Basically add pyromancers and consider the Gurabashi Berserker.

I will probably add Leroy to my deck, the whelps are nice fodder to enrage your Raging Worgen or attack with your Acolyte of Pain.

Deck is fun to play with tons of combos and feels like it is almost there.

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I'm enjoying this deck


what's the priority for sacrificial minions? IE shadow word etc..
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I don't have leeroy so I switched to hogger and the Tauren Warrior for Gurubashi zerker, plays nice
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