Master 3 Star Murloc Deck and Ranked Stats

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I'm not claiming that this deck is pro, and I know it could be tweaked further. However the statistics don't lie. I created this deck when I had 25 more wins than losses AFTER hitting master 3 star. A lot of people's statistics are including their games up to that point which is why their win rates are so high. Mine are all after being 25 wins up in master 3* (I got there playing Mage and Huntard). Anyway, without further adieu, here's the deck.

1 Blood Imp (2)
1 Grimscale Oracle (2)
1 Murloc Raider (2)
1 Murloc Tidecaller (2)
1 Shieldbearer (2)
1 Voidwalker (2)
2 Bluegill Warrior (2)
2 Knife Juggler (2)
2 Murloc Tidehunter (2)
3 Shadowbolt (2)
3 Coldlight Seer (2)
3 Murloc Warleader (2)
3 Raid Leader (2)
4 Cult Master (2)
4 Old Murk-Eye *
4 Summoning Portal (1)

The only legendary card in this deck is Old Murk-Eye, which you get for *free* when you unlock all the other murlocs.

General play style tips:

Generally you will want to mulligan any cards that are not minions costing 2 or less. Sometimes I'll keep Murloc Warleader depending on the other two cards, or a shadow bolt if the enemy is a priest or paladin.

Try not to play cards with 1 health on turn 1, although it depends what class you are facing. My favorite start is coin+Knife Juggler, unless they have a priest. I always assume a priest has a holy smite in their hand at all times (unless they've played 2 or used a more powerful kill card).

Coldlight Seer is very situational. Use it if you need to buff minions out of an AoE that your opponent will have mana for next turn, or if you can make them survive an important trade.

Don't be afraid to sacrifice a murloc to kill an enemy creature, unless your opponent lacks AoE that can kill your murlocs/it isn't a big threat. Especially if you have a Cult Master. Drawing 3-4 cards with Cult Master and taking all your opponent's minions out is gamechanging. Sometimes the ballsy approach of smashing your opponent in the face and leaving their minions there is a good idea.

Try not to put out more than 2 taunt cards, incase of AoE, unless you need to. Save them for when you summon Warleader or Cultmaster.

My win ratios:

Overall 110/60 64.71%

Shaman: 11/7 61.11%
Mage: 14/16 46.67%
Rogue: 5/0 100%
Warrior: 10/3 76.92%
Hunter: 16/5 76.19%
Priest: 26/8 76.47%
Druid: 8/7 53.33%
Paladin: 8/7 53.33%
Warlock: 12/7 63.16%

Mages utterly wreck this deck. Sometimes I have just surrendered instantly when matched against one (surrenders still recorded in these statistics). Everything else is at least even if not favorable. The important part is that it especially wrecks priests and hunters, which are very popular right now. Priests just can't deal with this many creatures, and hunters can't UTH rush by turn 5, which is usually the turn they die. The few losses against hunters were all when they had double explosive trap and I had no Blood Imps or Coldlight Seers.

The win rates may not seem very impressive, however I now have 70 more wins than losses since hitting master 3 star, so this should be fairly high up. I regularly see people with names I recognize, so I take that as a sign of there being less people to match me with now.

Feel free to enjoy this deck or edit it however you'd wish, feedback is welcome. Also pls someone say "fake and gay murlocs op you suck I hope you die."
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11/04/2013 09:36 AMPosted by Toad
"fake and gay murlocs op you suck I hope you die."

But in all seriousness I have thought about doing something similar myself. I need to build all the murlocs still but it seems like it could be a fun deck to run.
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11/04/2013 09:36 AMPosted by Toad
"fake and gay murlocs op you suck I hope you die."

wtf who says that ? xD
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You only posted 28 cards :(

Ah, I guess those are Cult Masters :D
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You only posted 28 cards :(

Ah, I guess those are Cult Masters :D

Ah yes - sorry! Fixed that error. I'm currently using 2x Soulfire instead of 2x Shadow Bolt, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. Losing a card is pretty intense.
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11/04/2013 09:36 AMPosted by Toad
ometimes I'll keep Murloc Warleader depending on the other two cards

I think Coldlight Seer is the most important high cost card to consider not ditching with the mulligan. I play a deck that is close to this but with more murlocs! The plus 2 health battlecry is often the key to my success or failure, getting those murlocs hp up will win you the game and I often find the coldlight is more important than the warleader as its 2 hp vs 1 hp and also if they nuke the coldlight after the battlecry goes off it doesn't really matter, you need to keep that warleader alive so you have more options when it comes to blowing up a big threat on the other side of the board. Not saying the warleader isn't a great card because it is a game winner but I hardly ever keep it during the mulligan.
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This deck is absolutely abysmal against anything with even remote AOE.

Unplayable against Mage, Shaman, Paladin, often Druid as well.
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Thanks a lot for posting the deck. The murlocs were obvious but I was having some trouble deciding what else to add. This works really well.

I've been having a lot of fun with it and I'm 6-0 in 2* masters so far.

Also, I definitely think soul fire beats shadow bolt. No mana cost so you can keep murlocing, it can work as a finisher and a lot of the time your hand is empty by the time you need to cast it anyways.
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I am using a similar deck, ok I am far away from Masters.. but why not put 2 adventurers into a deck with cheap multidrop-minions? I am using these + Soulfire instead of Shadowbolt and I really must say it's the most effectful deck for me.
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Interesting idea I have never considered the cult master for my murlock deck. So if you could what other legionaries would you try to fit in this deck to improve it?
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WoW, a Murloc Deck ... 1 of 3 Decks every Idiot in Hearthstone plays.

What a copy paste game with nobody having own ideas because nothing works.

You guys still play this boring no skill game?

When you´re old enough to put your diapers away, maybe you join a real TCG.
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its funny when ppl bump a 3 month old thread about murlocs, cause you know they just got beat by one lol...
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05/10/2014 05:38 PMPosted by SickBrain80
You guys still play this boring no skill game?

LOL says the guy posting on the game's forum. What did you quit 5 months ago and you spend your time digging through old forum topics for some sort of rudimentary form of entertainment? If you've moved on from this game then why are you still lurking around on here?

You were probably playing it less than a day ago. Hell, you're probably playing it right now while I type this message.
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