I streamed Hearthstone for about 2 hours tonight, here's the video for anyone who wants to watch.

Warrior portion:

Mage portion:

I'm interacting with my friends in the chat for most of it so here's the transcript if you want to follow along

Gyllhearthstone: Hello!
Smtwidle: hi chris
» ~chawee
» fine
» im super interested in this though, whens launch
» yeah
» waiting hah
» yeah ive seen him post about it
» on fb
Alex_oneill: Arcanite Reaper, HOOOOOOO
» Yooooo
» Are you winning?
» haha lookup the illegal danish sometime, its an award winning machinima thing
» It's pretty funny
» Nope not really
Smtwidle: yeah could use a walkthrough haha
» yeah a bit
Alex_oneill: Flexin' with hellscream
» Does the hero power cost mana?
» Do different classes have different amounts of health? Or did you say it was all 30
» blowout
» intimidation
» That's cool
» I like the balence
Gyllhearthstone: http://www.hearthhead.com/deck=490/gylls-aggro-weapon-deck
Alex_oneill: Yeah less varience
» Mhmm
» Yeah you just have a ton of power now right
» oof
» I'd play this game
Smtwidle: how are cards aquired?
Alex_oneill: damnit blizzard
Smtwidle: booster packs?
» how much $$
Alex_oneill: "a fiscally responsible mime"
» What's that coin do?
» bahaha
» too much thinking
» just stall
» Do you get a discount if you buy in bulk?
Smtwidle: wow yeah im pissed i havent gotten a beta key
Alex_oneill: brb
Smtwidle: can you get matched vs another warrioer?
Alex_oneill: Cosmic love is a sick song
» Is he a priest?
» yeah, progressing the board state and stuff
» ***
» 8-0?
Smtwidle: lock?
Alex_oneill: hahah
» The usual
» Wisp seems uh
» bad
» What is he a 3 drop?
» and knife juggler is a three aswell?
» Seems ok
» Did you say there was like a wrath effect?
» ***
» b000m
» Hard game
Smtwidle: alright chris, im out
» ill catch ya soon. Ill let you know if i get a beta inv
Alex_oneill: that guy seems nasty
» lulz
» got em

--- end of warrior portion, start of mage portion ---

» I wanna play a warlock
» yeah pinging seems solid
» Do warlocks have a skill-coil?
» Yeah just running out of cards fast
» what does pyroblast di?
» oh 11
» Ohhhh
» that's cool
» sweeet
» that 6
» is awkward
» What do paladins do for their ability
» haha
» 1 drop crushin it
» dannng
» What's freeze?
» I saw interpol at lollapalooza
» Twice, 2007 I think and 2009?
» Yeah someday haha
» I gotta get a mic too
» Yeah seems really good agianst devine sheild
» Are shamans good?
Deadlyparadox: if you don't capture in windowed mode the animations freeze until you tab back in
Alex_oneill: stop sukin'
» draw more blizzards
» yeah I think you're 11-0
» welp
Deadlyparadox: this game war of the control
» didn't he deadly poison his blade?
» i think that's 8 damage
» eviscerate!
» jk
» cone and hope he doesn't draw shiv
» i think
Alex_oneill: nooooooooooo
Deadlyparadox: shiv eviscerate
Alex_oneill: whattttt
» haha
Deadlyparadox: gggg
» huge mistake not using blade to kill your minions
Alex_oneill: im out chris, I'll talk to you later
» get my mic next time
Skrunk555: Hey Gyll, great stream. I love your innovative warrior brew
» np, big fan
» good
» Blown out
» questionable decisions
» you got him next turn
» gg
» i just tuned in yeah
» kk
» nice
» go aggro
» you're destroying him
» on card advantage
» gg lol
» I'm gunna go play POE everyone follow Gyll's stream
Gyllhearthstone: Thanks for watchinggg
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