So much priest hate, but:

Everyones missing the real overpowered crap. Its hunters, and Unleash the Hounds. This card needs to be removed. REMOVED! No reformat, no redos, GONE! HORRIBLE IDEA BLIZZARD!~

Supply hunters with limitless LOW COST HIGHLY EFFECTIVE MINIONS. Oh and lets give hunters a spell THAT WINS THEM THE GAME ON TURN 4. Screw that.
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U R a troll!

Turn 4? Are you in the beta at all?

If you have a different keyboard and by mistake this number would be an 8 than you are right. Hunters can win a game in turn 8.... along with ALL the other classes.

So I think you have "L2P" issues...
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Turn 1 windfury beast, turn 2 windfury beast, and anthem beast, turn 3 anthem beast, and pseudo anthem beast, turn 4 animal companion into anthem beast then UTH.

Turn 1: 0 dmg 1/1 Windfury
Turn 2: 4 dmg (2) 2/1 Windfury and 1/1 +1 attack to all beasts
Turn 3: 10 dmg (2) 4/1 Windfury (2) 2/1 +1 attack to all beasts, and 4/2 +1 attack to adjacent minions
Turn 4: 31 dmg (2) 6/1 Windfuty (2) 4/1 +1 atk, 6/2 +1 atck to adjacent, and 5/4 anthem companion.

Yah, I have no idea what im talking about. Even if they manage to kill one windfury minion early in the game you still have enough damage on the board to wipe them from existence.

U R a noob!
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don't come to this forum to whine about card op and stuff like that, this is a discussion forum and not a place for you to suggest changes to blizzard. here is that forum go ahead --->
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Who are you to tell me where to post threads? This is a hunter board, and this thread is about a hunter. Go take your oppressive dictatorship attitude to north korea.
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Who in their right mind would let those minions sit there?
No decent hunter worth his stock would drop a Dragonhawk turn one.
That gets picked off so quick, heck, a boar can do it.

You really sound like you do not have the beta.
And someone telling you where to vent your.. hyperbole elsewhere is not an oppressive dictatorship.
Otherwise, you would be in work camp by now, dissenter.
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Its all theoretical and it COULD happen, can't you see? Name one class that can win by turn 4, wait you cant.

Its for that reason right there why the one card that can make it happen needs to go, Unleash the Hounds.

However, I must pity you, for you see, I can't expect your tiny mind to grasp this completely theoretical and overpowered situation. No no no..
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"Win by turn 4" is such a meaningless statement. There are magic decks that can win on Turn 1 before their opponent has even had a chance to play a single spell and those decks are considered healthy for the metagame. Your theorycraft is meaningless because no one is going to let a bunch of 1 hp minions sit around forever. Here, let me try:

T1: Coin-> Dust Devil -> Dust Devil
T2: Attack for 12
T3: Rockbiter weapon on both Dust Devils-> Attack for 24 OR Flametongue Totem -> Attack for 20

Edited by Ulvkrig on 11/7/2013 2:49 PM PST
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Thanks Ulvkrig!

This is the combo I was waiting for... I will make this and kill EVERYBODY!!!!

... oh, wait ....

/sarcasm off

But dealing with the Warrior OtK can be just this much frustrating, or the warlock murlock zerg, control paladins, buffer priests, rusher druids... etc...
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Hunters suck period,UtH sucks,it looses more than it wins.
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