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The general idea of this is just a well-rounded control deck. In my experience it seems to have an answer to just about everything. There are however significant problems such as:

-no consistent damage per turn AND no burst (besides one smack with gorehowl) results in little finishing power, this is usually not a problem; but versus combo decks and other warriors it can become a significant problem
-i'm sure there are others

1 x execute
1 x upgrade
1 x whirlwind
1 x acidic swamp ooze
1 x battle rage
2 x cleave
2 x cruel task master
1 x fiery war axe
2 x ironbeak owl
2 x novice engineer
2 x slam
2 x acolyte of pain
1 x big game hunter
2 x arathi weapon smith
1 x kor'kron elite
1 x mortal strike
2 x shieldmasta
1 x arcanite reaper
1 x brawl
1 x stampeding kodo
1 x the black knight
1 x gorehowl

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your critique =)
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It might just be me, but I'm not a big fan of having 1x of lots of different cards. Having 2x of cards means you'll pull the cards you want sooner, and if they're threatening cards, it means your opponent will have to waste their removal on them twice.

Also, I would probably take 2x execute. Other classes have guaranteed removal (hex, polymorph, MC, assassinate etc), so you'll want to combat their removal with your own to make sure you keep a board advantage.

I'm not a big fan of whirlwind. It's good for inducing rage effects, but I've never pulled it when I needed it, and the 1 damage doesn't really help me much for my opponents.
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Frothing Berserker is a must in my opinion, I also prefer Spellbreaker to Ironbeak Owl. To remove it requires a more powerful trade and if it survives it can be a powerful addition to your board.
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