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I am trying to build a Warrior deck based on weapons with a decent win rate for completing dailies. I really like the weapon play style and I've been lucky enough to get 2x Gorehowl from packs and have built a deck around them. So far the deck has something like a 35% win rate and I am looking to improve. When I win I usually win far and away, and when I lose its usually because I don't get my combos lined up.

What I am looking for is help streamlining my deck to make it more consistent. Even if I could just get to a 50% win rate that would make me very happy.

1 Execute x 2
1 Upgrade x 2
1 Southsea Deckhand x 2
2 Fiery War Axe x 2
2 Cleave x 2
2 Bloodsail Raider x 2
2 Novice Engineer x 1
3 Shield Blookc x 2
3 Warsong Commander x 2
4 Dread Corsair x 2
4 Kor'kron Elite x 2
4 Spellbreaker x 2
5 Arcaninte Reaper x 2
5 Captain Greenskin x 1
5 Spiteful Smith x 2
7 Gorehowl x 2

Goals to win:

1. Survive to get Gorehowls out. Combine Gorehowl with upgrades/Captain Greenskin to get multiple direct hits on enemy player for 8+.

2. Survive to get Gorehowls out. Combine with Warsong Commanders and Bloodsail Raider(s) to hit for 8 immediately.

3. Keep the board clear with cleaves, executes and charge minions(how I survive in above examples) then slowly whittle the enemy down over time with weapons and large minions.

What helpful advice do you folks have? Thanks in advance!
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Battle Rage is too good to pass up, and I think slam over deckhand is nice.
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Just made a weapon deck and wins every time. But i need to be patient and and take a serious beating every time. This deck wins in late game where i do lots of damage at once. But its very cool, because my opponent runs out of cards each time and has full health with me at 12 ish, thinking he for sure will win, when i just totally crush him down. :)
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Took out the Spiteful Smiths as I wasn't able to consistently activate their enrage ability while a weapon was equipped. Added in 2x Battle Rage.

Prior to this change win rate is approaching 50%, testing to see if this change further increases win rate.

Thanks for feedback, lets keep it going!
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If you're running a weapon deck, imo, you should run two Frothing Berserkers.
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What benefit does the frothing berserker provide? I'm not frequently attacking minions and I don't play many myself.
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Consider Molten Giants. I found that when i am damaging myself a lot these quickly become free.
If you can get one with charge that is zero mana for 8 damage.
If you have space add pandas also. Panda plus Molten Giants with charge is 8+3+8 damage for 2 mana.

These guys are best with warsong commander but reasonable even without him.

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