Warlocks dont use demons

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11/05/2013 07:07 AMPosted by Horne
I use tons of demons in my Masters 3 aggro deck, they are awesome (except Fel Guard, what were they thinking?!).

How many Pit Lords in your deck?
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Demons are the best! There are plenty good ones!
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Demons discourage the use of other demons, due to the stacking penalties, is I think the problem. Since there's just Demonfire and Sense Demons (and Sacrificial Pact I guess, but that's not really good IMO) for synergy it's not really enough to use lots beyond 3-4 self-penalizing ones and the Voidwalker and Blood Imps. Heck, Sense Demons is arguably better with a (relatively) smaller amount of Demons as well, since you're more likely to get specific cards you want in a given situation, assuming you haven't gone through all of them.

Granted, they are better off than Dragons in terms of synergy but that's not really saying much.
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I agree with the OP, Succubus and Soul Fire would be much more viable if you could choose. I love Succubus, because it's very Suicide Black style when I used to play Magic the Gathering, but it's just bad... I feel like it should really be a 3/4 as well so it doesn't just get frost bolted next turn (seriously, it maybe lasts 2 turns and costs you a card). Flame Imp is.. 'ok' as an opener, but 3 damage is just too much, and it's a god awful topdeck later on. These are the cards that'd be great if you could choose to pitch for cards like Succubus.

And this is inherently the biggest problem I have with the Warlock's Strategy in general. The Demon cards and strategy it hints at using... just isn't viable. Warlock is just much better off playing it safe and controlled with plenty of removal, not 2 for 1'ing yourself early game, and eventually just overwhelming them with enough CA. But that strategy is completely anti-synergistic to these awful demon cards provided, because there's absolutely ZERO reason you need to be throwing cards away since you won't be able to rush them down anyways 99% of the time. It's a completely inane strategy imo.
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I use six demons and two demonfire in my Lock deck, as do most of the others I see around Rank 10 or so.

Lock is all about aggro when you stop facing retarded noobs up at Rank 20...
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I know this threads a bit old, but you know what I think would balance out all the bigger(proper) demons with the drawbacks?

Let's call it Infernal Shield. Precisely the same mechanically as paladins holy shield. Makes the permanent loss of Mana or discarding multiple cards at random that much easier to swallow when some of your nasties have a barrier(that you've paid for justly). Especially when stats wise most demons are barely over par as it is.

Food for thought...
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Warlock honestly doesn't need any buffs, it's plenty strong already.
Blood and flame imps are damn great, void walker too since it's 1 drop. That early beef is usually all you need to keep trading favorably and deal constant hurt. Shadowflame and soulfire are both real solid removals and hellfire is great for regaining control.

But I agree succubus is rather bad with it's 3 health, way too easily killed with most removals and any 3/2 minions. At such early stages of game losing extra card just isn't worth it.
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Dannwolf I love you ideas, I think they wud make a demon warlock deck alot stronger
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12/20/2013 08:03 AMPosted by Quertius
Dannwolf I love you ideas, I think they wud make a demon warlock deck alot stronger

Ty Quertius :D...
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i can't get past rank 20 with a lock deck, something needs to change, i feel lock cards are under powered compared to all the other class specific cards and i rarely get to use my ability because cost is so high, why is it not 0 mana 2 hp
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also addressing the main issue we should be able to pick what is discarded otherwise lock decks are just completely skilless you litteraly just play odds, hope to pull the right stuff and chuck the right stuff
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just a suggestion, instead of allowing warlocks to pick which cards to discard outright have it randomly discard a certain tier of card, ex: succubus will discard a random 2/2 minion card or 2 dmg spell etc
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When playing Warlock you should want to use demons, just like as a Hunter you want to use beasts. I agree with some of the proposals advanced here, there should be a change.
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Warlocks are strong but to use demons u need to have skillful gameplay. Its all about strategy and synergy in the deck that will make it strong. I use felguard, pitlord.n void teror n other demons and they r amazing for my play. U just need to know how to play them. In an aggro deck, u dont need more than 5 mana so it doesnt matter if u lose a crystal. With my current deck i only lose if i have terrible hand or make bad mistakes in a play. Other than that, ive never seen a problem with the demons
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12/12/2013 10:56 PMPosted by Bremen
I use six demons and two demonfire in my Lock deck, as do most of the others I see around Rank 10 or so.

Voidwalker, flame imp, blood imp?
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11/05/2013 07:50 AMPosted by Rinchman
You have a point, but choosing the card to discard would be a big improvement I think

Indeed, or then give us a way to resurrect what we discard or pick back cards from our discard pile, MTG style.

It would, at least, give some synergies to the warlock. You draw, you discard then you pick back what you need.

It needs to be balanced but it sounds good to me.

I love playing Warlock, specially late blooming control decks. Even without demons, I punish myself a lot (drawing, hellfire, infernals,...). I can't imagine if I had to use them...
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I realy wish they would fix demons so that its much more enjoyable to play them. Some of the downsides are just absolutely ridiculous. Blizzard cant be looking at most of the demon cards and go "this works as expected". Why would you play something that is not in your advantage like most of the demon cards.... Especially the random card discarding... that is just absolutely terrible.
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Felhunter when?

3 Mana
Battlecry: Silence a minion. Gain +1/+1 for each effect lost.
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