when is the unleash the hounds nerf coming?

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I actually like the idea of removing "the beast" from the Dragonhawk. I don't even have this card and I am doing fine with my hunter. If it stops the whole whining of bad players I am all for it.
It's a small price to pay for keeping UTH the way it is.
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I actually like the idea of removing "the beast" from the Dragonhawk. I don't even have this card and I am doing fine with my hunter. If it stops the whole whining of bad players I am all for it.
It's a small price to pay for keeping UTH the way it is.

It won't stop the whining about Unleash the Hounds, though. Nor should it - after all, it is Unleash the Hounds that is the obvious problem card. The dragonhawk is a 1 health minion that deals 2 damage per turn, assuming that nothing kills it. On its own, it's plainly not overpowered in any way. Unleash the Hounds, on the other hand, is enormously more powerful (or rather, less expensive) than any remotely similar card.

They are profoundly unlikely to leave Unleash the Hounds alone no matter what they do or do not decide about the Young Dragonhawk. Given that, it's not at all to anybody's best interests to see one of the few neutral beasts that is not completely terrible nerfed.

I'm not a big fan of seeing Hunter decks tied so closely with the beast tribe, but that's not going away. So I'd rather see people stop campaigning to either nerf every decent beast left in the game or remove it from the beast tribe. It's stupid and self destructive. If they nerf the dragonhawk, next thing you know if Hunters are able to recover at all from the nerf people will be whining about how the panther and tiger are OP because they have stealth and can't be gibbed until after they attack. Then the Core Hound because it's so big. And so on.
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It would fix the issue in the sense that it would remove two of the extremely few beasts that are even marginally useful outside of Hunter decks, leaving the beast tribe even more the ghetto of "This is a Hunter specific card which for some reason lacks a green border.

emperor cobra, dire wolf alpha, jungle panther?

The cobra and dire wolf alpha are awful. The panther and tiger are OK, although you don't really see them much in any deck.

Also, it's bad." It would significantly weaken every Hunter build that exists, and would weaken UTH combo decks less than most of the others.

Sounds like your admitting that all hunters decks rely on dragonhawk, not jsut the UtH variant.

Right. Well, if they want good cheap minions. And that's the whole point - nerfing cards that are extremely useful to many different Hunter decks is not a good solution, when the only problem Hunter deck is the UTH combo deck.

The problem card in the deck absolutely *IS* Unleash the Hounds. Starving Buzzard is a distant second place.

i disagree, otherwise why is bloodlust and savage roar not such a problem? The idea of a mass overwhelm is not the problem, its charge + windfury + silence + draw that is, and in my opinion the best way to leave the most options available to hunters would be to simply remove the windfury from that equation.

Bloodlust costs 5 mana, Savage Roar costs 3. Neither gives charge, and thus neither allows the player to go from empty board to lethal damage in one turn. Unleash the Hounds is the only card in the deck that is strictly necessary for that kind of burst out of nowhere. The next closest is Pyroblast, which costs 8 times as much and has a relatively fixed damage output.

The rest of the cards in the deck are either solidly mediocre neutral minions, standard control cards no better than every other class has access to, or Hunter specific options that are relatively unique but not particularly powerful. Even Starving Buzzard is a minor issue compared to the ability to give up to 7 minions +1 attack and charge.

Again bloodlust and savage roar do this, why are they not a problem as well? i am not saying nerf the dragon hawk for everyone , but simply remove it from teh beast combo. leave it a 1 / 1 windfury but no longer a beast. Honestly even making the owl a non beast wouldnt do a thing to this combo outside of not being able to draw when its played.

The combo is fine without windfury and or charge, I simply suggest the lesser of two evils then.

The combo is fine without charge. In fact, it's worthless without charge, and Unleash the Hounds would be a nearly worthless card without charge, given how hard it is to keep a good number of minions in play long enough to use them, with the relatively low health of beasts taken into account.

Unleash the Hounds is the single card that turns the deck from a rather sub-par weenie rush deck to a one-turn-kill combo deck from hell. I'd rather not nerf every Hunter deck that can make use of a small cheap beast that is not completely terrible (Sorry Bloodfen Raptor and River Crocolisk, but you're just not good) just to keep a card that is grossly undercosted for what it does. If the goal is to stop Hunters going from an empty board to lethal damage in a single turn - which it explicitly is, as stated in Blizzcon - then the single card that needs to be addressed is Unleash the Hounds.
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Hunter is broken with his Unleash the Hounds. The cost of this card is wayyyy to low.

Every Hunter I have seen play exacltly the same way, same pattern same strategy, same cards. When you see this on a game like this, it tells you something is wrong.

I knew since the beginning this would be nerfed one day, so I never really wasted my time playing this class yet.

Same story with Mind Control for the Priest this card is too effective but easier to deal with if you have a deck built around it.
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Why do you guys still play this bull!@#$? Its known to be completly imbalanced. Why do you guys keep on abusing it like crazy?
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Bloodlust and savage roar are 5 and 3 mana and don't give charge to every minion. Are hunters really this naive?

Oh trust me, it's the charge that is the biggest issue. Because you laying out your beasts can be countered by 50 cards from all classes (like the rest of us).

The reason the combo is so effective is because you can charge. Trust me, when I play UTH decks, i'm not SURPRISED when you lay your beasts down. I know you have them. I just hope you don't have an owl or get good removal so I can rush/taunt up to try and stop you.

So lame.
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I think UtH should be removed, but...

Beasts need to have more health over-all. Hunters are still, even without UtH, based around beast synergies, and right now, only the most expensive beasts (or random ones) have enough health to survive even the most basic AOE ability, let alone chump-traders.

Give us some more 'beef' to our beasts so that they can survive long enough to trade, like every other classes' creatures can do, and perhaps hunters will try to build other decks when UtH is changed.

For Unleash itself, I'd like to see it fully changed, instead of nerfed, into something more unique. It's a common card, so perhaps make it summon a couple 1/1 hound beast tokens. 1 mana, gives a couple 'chump blockers', synergizes well with buzzard/hyena/houndsmaster/rhino - practically everything in the arsenal. (PLus, if you're going to keep that ridiculously stupid health nerf on the buzzard - which served NO purpose in hurting the UtH deck whatsoever, then let us get some use out of it before it dies to literally everything now.)

Wouldn't mind seeing a card that gets stronger the more beasts you PLAY, too, to really punish people for leaving it on the board (as, again, other classes typically have - most of the other deck types have some creature you just can't afford to let live, that isn't card draw.)

Perhaps change King Krush - drastically lower his mana cost and starting attack/health, but he gets bigger the more mobs are around; or make him eat adjacent beasts like the Void Terror. 5 mana, 3/3, charge, devours adjacent beasts and gets +2/+2 for each one. Like a cuter Grommash. Cuddly, in fact. Just an idea.
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UTH should stay the way it is. The card is strong but not stronger than other good class cards.
The problem for the noobs is the combo not the card itself. What makes this combo so strong is the Dragonhawk, or the windfury to be more specific. You can turn it into a 5/1 with windfury. That's 20 damage if you have 2 of these.

Every class can deal tons of damage on turn 7/8 easily.

Some examples:

Priest: Stormwind Knight (4 mana) + Power Word: Shield (5 mana) + Divine Spirit (7 mana) + Inner Fire (8 mana) -> 4 cards 14 damage
Stonetusk Boar (1 mana) + Power Word: Shield x2 (3 mana) + Divine Spirit x2 (7 mana) + Inner Fire (8 mana) -> 6 cards 20 damage.

Warrior: Warsong Commander (3 mana) + Youthful Brewmaster (5 mana) + be at 10 health + Molten Giant x3 (still 5 mana) -> 4 cards 24 damage -> throw in 2x Inner Rage (still 5 mana) + another Youthful Brewmaster (7 mana) and you got yourself 36 damage with 7 cards on turn 7.

Paladin: Stonetusk Boar (1 mana) + Blessing of Might x2 (3 mana) + Blessed Champion (8 mana) -> 4 cards 14 damage

Those are only combos with an empty board, not to mention that you can combo all those cards freely with every other card in your deck and it is much harder to kill next turn, if it was not enough. Try that with an UTH OTK deck.

Without the Dragonhawk it would be something like this: Boar x2 + Wolf x2 + UTh x2 + Owl -> 7 cards for 8 mana and 24 damage. Most of those cards are useless in this deck if you can't combo them in this way. Still strong but not stronger than the rest of such combos. not to mention 2 or 3 turn combos that kill you even easier.
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The deck is not easy to beat but it's very beatable by any solid deck, especially if it has a few taunts/secrets or can burst you fast.

UtH is a good card but not an op card by itself. The problem is the synergy it has with other "bad" or just decent cards. As been said before, the deck does requires a lot of cards to work properly.

You can't play that deck without the hunter's powerfull removals and you can't run without the 1mana wolf and windfury harpy. You also can't run it without significant card draws like the buzzard or tracking.

there is just 1 combo in this deck and only 1!! you need to rely on forcing draw cards until you get it or loose.

the unleash the hounds combo is very easy to beat for all classes... the deck not so!
11/09/2013 09:57 AMPosted by Morpheus
Did you just call this a creative deck? l.o.l.

So yes, its a creative deck, its very well though to counter many different options the players can have. It relies on the UtH for the finishing blow, but all the other turns have to be handled by the rest of the deck. which is not easy to do when you simply cannot play 90% of the cards in your hand.
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i think the nerf is taking this long because this card is one of the most important in the majority of hunter decks. plus this card they say they can't just nerf it, it needs reworking
... on a different note, if it was nerfed to be like 3 mana... The combo by itself is very mana intensive... it would significantly kill this combo but many other decks. an it would be a serious nerf to the hunter class...

I use that to farm my hunter dailies. It is pretty amazing! Very solid against all types of decks except shaman control. I typically can win either by the combo at the end or just by killing everything the opponent plays or making him waste his cards too soon.

counters are rush, healing, secrets and taunts... or a combination of several of those...
i have issues with goo decks... 1) shaman control 2) priests who play taunts 3) druids who ramp fast 4) fast warriors/rogues 5) mage control/secrets decks 6) shield paladins with strong aggro or big taunts

I typically burn other all others :P

Honestly it all comes down to you having a better hand than them. i run flares for secrets and owls for taunts, still cards like

    - Ice Block (Mage)
    - Defender of argus,
    - Feral Spirit (shaman)
    - Earth Elemental (shaman)
    - Abomination
    - Sunfury Protector
    - counterspell (Mage)
    - Ancestral Spirit, (shaman)
    - Ancestral Healing (shaman)
    - Mana Wraith
    - explosive trap (Hunter)
    - ice trap (Hunter)
    - snipe (Hunter)
    - misdirection (Hunter)
    - Sunwalker
    - Vaporize (Mage)
    - mirror image (Mage)
    - Ice barrier(Mage)
    - Eye for an Eye (paladin)
    - Noble Sacrifice (paladin)
    - Redemption (paladin)

can own this combo... cant stress how good these are against a hunter otk combo!
Edited by Carapeto on 11/22/2013 10:23 AM PST
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Bliiz announced a change at blizzcon but not necessarily a nerf. As for the balance issues of UTH i have to say its fine as is. Its an all in card. If you're playing a slow late game deck chances are you're going to have a little trouble with UTH as everything you drop in th beginning is going to get controlled out and they arent dropping enough to really let you control back. My priest and warlock decks tend to get stomped by UTH decks IF i dont play right. The answer to UTH? PRESSURE. EVERY time i have won against a UTH with a slow deck that really SHOULD have lost its due to pressure. Force them to try to draw into the combo early and hold back a taunt. UTH decks have the same problem as murloc decks in my eyes and neither gives me problems if i have even the slightest of board presence.
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