Windfury is insanely op for its cost.

Title. I'm sorry but to be able to make a minion attack twice if used on a late game high mana cost card is just wayyyy to op for the cost of ONLY two crystals. thoughts?
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It can definitely be used to pull off some insane damage really quickly if used on the right card. That said, you have to consider the conditions necessary to make it overwhelmingly strong.

- As you pointed out, it needs to be used on a high cost monster for truly overwhelming damage to be done.

-That monster has to be able to attack right away or you make it a clear target for any removal/control cards your opponent has handy.

- You need to have the health to deal with attacking any taunts on the board.

In order to bypass these conditions you probably need to already have pretty decent board control. In this case the windfury is probably just hastening the inevitable.

You also have to consider that it's quite likely that the shaman will have had need of windfury's effects earlier in the game and may have used it up on a weaker card that likely didn't last very long.

Compared with a lot of things other classes can do with a single card, windfury is pretty easy to deal with.
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Priest: "Oh you applied windfury to your 15/5 golem... *Cast MC* yoink!"
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My first deck i had both windfurys in it, wasnt much help as i would always seem to draw them easrly and theyd be taking up valuable hand space. So then i went down to 1 in my deck. Was a little better and more helpful. Then i took them both out and just kept in my 2 minions that can give windfury and ive won sooooo many more games.

In short windfury is very situation based and is more often then not a detrement as it takes up deck and hand space, however in those perfect situations i can be very devistating but most class's have cards that are extremely devistating in certain situations. That and weighed against having 2 minions in your deck who can give it to another minion and you get a bonus 3/3 minion on the field it flails in comparison.
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Windfury is bs, fire elemental is bs, earth elemental is bs. Lots of stuff is bs about shamans, nothing new.
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I have a deck right now that uses Windfury, Minions with Windfury, Minions that buff other minions with Windfury, and buffs(that help Windfury).

Plus buffs upon buffs(Bloodlust, Flametongue Totem, and battlecry's).

But...I wouldnt call it op by any means, just need the right synergy with it that makes it look op. =)
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It is totally op it can win in one shot. ppl tend to use it on 4,4 cards buff them to like 11-15 damage and win in one round at about 8-9 crsytals
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11/17/2013 10:50 AMPosted by Un4seen
It is totally op it can win in one shot.

How bad are you that you are letting a shaman buff something up to 15?
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