So I went first, and was getting hammered by a priest tempo deck. He started off strong with coin, and every turn I was fighting to clear the board, stay alive, get some armor. Etc. I was trying a new minion deck with savage roar combo.

I had to use my savage roars just for the armor to stay alive and take out threats. I ended up going to 2 HP. And he had 2 guys a 4/4 dwarf and a Venture guy 7/6. I top decked a Big Game Hunter, And used my charge Druid of the claw in my hand to establish board control killing both of his minions and keeping my BGH on the board. From here, I kept making sure to use my hero ability to get armor. Surviving a Holy nova, and a holy shock. But was always in that 2 to 3 health range.

When he got me to 2 life, he was taunting me with well played, I'm sorry. Typical bashing. Well once he wasted his last MC on my Hogger. I was able to play Onyxia. Ya, it was over after that.

Felt so good. This deck though, feels weak.