Anti-Priest Deck for your amusement

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I think just playing hard aggro is probably more effective (ie: murloc) but I wanted to make a deck as annoying for priests as their decks are for me.
I give you:

On All Fours

2x Corruption
2x Mortal Coil
2x Demon Fire
2x Succubus
2x Drain Life
2x Shadow bolt
2x Hellfire
2x Chillwind Yeti
2x Ogre Magi
2x Spellbreaker
1x Twilight Drake (I only have one, 2 would be better)
2x Abomination
2x Azure Drake
2x Darkscale Healer
1x Archmage
2x Argent Commander

The main theme is to be just completely annoying to priests by ONLY having creatures with 4 attack. Everything else is really in service to surviving long enough to start getting out those 4-attack minions. Surprising amount of synergy between the spell power minions and the large number of cheap spells.

When using the argent commanders against priest, give preference for hitting creatures over heroes, as if he's mind controlled you will want to have burned off the shield.

This was just thrown together for fun on a day where every other fight was against priest and I wanted some payback. Let me know if you've had any luck with it or ideas for improvement. DO NOT suggest creatures other than 4 attack though, that's the theme! :D
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Lol, nice.

I have considered making something like this just to troll Priest but my normal aggrto deck I play already give them fits.
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I am really going to go looking for priests with this :D. I will concede every battle 'till i find one :)
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I also like Sunwalkers in my decks. I found out that lot of my cards are 4 dmg :D poor priests :D
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If I catch those walocks in real life I'll have some real fun.
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