Hunter control vs UTH?

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in your opinion which one is stronger?

I currently play the control deck with lots of secrets, aoe spells, weapons, account for half of my deck and the rest beasts, I find it working fairly well, winning around 70% at 3 star diamond

however I find it hard to play against warlock rushes if I dont get at least a weapon and or explosive trap, particularly if they power overwhelming into void terror...
really situational, i guess they just got lucky, like the priest with a 20/20 lightwell and i dont have an owl to silence it...

the other issue are divine pally, but having 2 blood knights can be helpful
I find it really fun to play, sometimes I get really good board control and will manage to win around turn 7-9, other times if I get rushed and fall behind by 10-15 health and still manage to win

I have played UTH a few times but havent quiet learned to play it, it seems really strong, though it is somewhat gimmicky, I dont recall playing against too many of them as hunter, usually I just keep an explosive trap at hand just in case

I think UTH can be very strong if you know how to play it, but can be challenging when vs hunter just because of explosive trap and other aggro/rush decks

the other problem I have is with priest, I dont think I've lost a whole lot vs them, but playing them can get really frustrating, one game I was ahead on card count, my opponent was had 2 cards while I had 6 in hand, but I couldnt play my any of my beasts cuz I know theyll get either SW:D or worse MC, trust me you dont want your king krush getting MCed ;-(

so which deck do you think is more consistent overall, and which one is better vs priest and agrro/rush decks?
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Sorry noob here, what is the difference between hunter uth and control? I assumed they were both the same, clearing boards until turn 6/7 with all minions in hand to one turn kill with uth? Can someone tell me the difference?
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well the hunter control deck does not play uTH at all.
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I favor control over UtH. UtH requires the stars to align to work, and I don't like running decks that require that. Straightforward control is more reliable.
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If your UtH deck needs the stars to align, you're doing it wrong. The deck is designed to destroy control (hence why it is so good in the current meta). Flare stops all secrets, so that explosive trap is null and void and lets me dig a little deeper.

The big thing about UtH is that it's not directly 'counterable' as in you can't run a card that stops UtH. The hunter isn't playing creatures early that you can kill. You have to beat him down before he can combo out. If you can't, you lose. Yes, there are some control elements you can run, but really only a hyper aggressive deck with a way to finish (mage aggro anyone?) will beat UtH.
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Stopping UtH requires a bit of deck prep, a bit of luck in the draw, but mostly good timing. You need to antisipate when he is going to blow his load and throw up some big taunts. One person mentioned flare but I have yet to see a hunter ever use this card. Best thing you can do is try to keep your health as high as possible, never leave a beast on the table for more than one turn and try to prepare for the combo. I have beat it a few times but I do think it is rather frustrating to play against.

Although I don't think they should nerf it, card games are different than normal video games. You nerf a card by adding more cards that change the meta. But since this is blizzard and an online card game where people spend as much time crying on forums as they do playing I am sure UtH will be nerfed into the ground soon enough.
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11/06/2013 07:29 AMPosted by AdrianTepes
well the hunter control deck does not play uTH at all.

Dont come to this forum giving your general opinions about something.

theres this forum for that crap instead
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