Warrior Super Synergy Deck

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Warriors have a series of cards that can deal 1 damage and a series of cards that trigger off of taking damage.

I put all the cards together into a deck and tried it out.
The first few iterations didn't work. Not enough creatures that could kill the opponent. I kept iterating until I got to this.

To deal damage to your own creatures use:
Pyromancer (this is the best one, try to save it for a good time)
Cruel Taskmaster
Slam (I basically never use this on my own creatures)
The 2 minions Leeroy makes can trigger enrage and pump your guys.
Your opponent's creatures also deal damage of course.

To benefit from taking damage:
Armor Smith
Battle Rage
Amani Berserker
Frothing Berserker
Acolyte of Pain
Raging Worgen
Gurabashi Berserker

Commanding Shout + Pyromancer:
This combo can often deal 3-4 damage to all of your opponents creatures while yours all survive because of commanding shout.
If you have a frothing berserker out when all of this goes down he can sometimes be pumped up to 20 power.
If you have an Armorsmith out when this goes down you can sometimes get 5-10 armor from it.
Acolyte of Pain gives you 2 cards and survives to give you one more later. Note that if a creature is at 1 health and Commanding shout is preventing all damage to it then it will not trigger.

1 Execute
2 Whirlwind
2 Battle Rage
2 Commanding Shout
2 Cruel Taskmaster
2 Fiery War Axe
1 Rampage
2 Amani Berserker
2 Wild Pyromancer
2 Slam
2 Frothing Berserker
2 Warsong Commander
2 Acolyte of Pain
1 Arathi Weaponsmith
2 Raging Worgen
1 Leeroy Jenkins
2 Gurubashi Berserker


Other cards:
I tried a lot of other cards, there are the ones that I was surprised to cut because I thought they would be great in this deck:
Molten Giant
Inner Rage

Try it out, it is pretty tricky to play because there are so many cool interactions. Enjoy and let me know how it works out.

Edit: Added Leeroy Jenkins. You have lots of ways to kill his whelps with tremor or pyromancer. You can also attack them with an enrage creature or with Acolyte of Pain for value.

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Dude, I think I might have played you last night... I played a warrior using a very similar deck twice in a row. I was on my Shammy and the first game I was able to clear the big guys before they could do much, I won that one. The second game though I didn't get the cards I needed and lost bad.

I really didn't mind losing though cause it was pretty awesome to see. Looks like a fun deck.
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Probably, I play this deck a lot because it can have some awesome and crazy turns and I haven't seen anyone else playing the same build.

I forgot to mention that pyromancer triggers after the spell. So if he has one health commanding shout will save him before he deals the damage. Battle rage will draw cards before he does his damage.
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This is just a variation on a pyro-smith build. Problem is after the battle rage nerf it is very hard, and usually counter productive, to try to land the combos. This deck combo relies on a lot of random card draw that we used to ignore with the old battle rage. This type of a deck is a lot of fun though! ^_^
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So a couple of card swap questions in here for you.

Let's assume you have no card limitations and can toss some legendaries in. I feel like Nat Paggle would be a great addition for the early play with card draw and false pressure. Additionally, I've been trying to shove Greenskin in somewhere and this seems like a decent place to boost a weapon.
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Looks like a fun deck, and relatively cheap too so newer players could pick it up. Well done here.

I might make a few minor changes here and there (I don't like Weaponsmiths very much) but overall I like the setup. Might try it out later!
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