Pirate Beatdown Competitive Warrior Deck!!!

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Hey guys here's a link to my first decklist video on youtube. This is a deck I created and have been extremely successful with. It includes a lot of combos and requires a good amount of thinking to play effectively due to the large number of potential plays you will be presented with each and every turn. If you are interested in the deck or warrior in general and want to learn how to play it check out my stream at: http://www.twitch.tv/ziggbear . You can also add me on battlenet at Ziggbear#1516 to talk to me directly!
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why don't you just post your deck on the forums?
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11/12/2013 01:51 AMPosted by Teamster
why don't you just post your deck on the forums?

Views of course.
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11/12/2013 01:51 AMPosted by Teamster
why don't you just post your deck on the forums?

Because views and people loves to step on others' convenience.
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This is super cheesy. I just got hit with this, I think, and basically all the other player did was luck out on getting a weaponsmith and then keep his weapon at one durability and whip me over and over with 7 damage from the pirate, then finish me off with 5 from the weapon. I got rid of one pirate but then he just put out another one next turn.

Felt super lame. Not much I could do.
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Not a bad deck man!

I like Amani's and Worgens tho to set those Inner Rages on.

I also question the validity of Faceless and wonder if it would't be better to possibly include something in its place that is an actual threat. Maybe Sylvanas?

Also I never like running two Frostwolfs cause a lot of time my minions may get wiped and he then become a pretty non efficient card but I can def see one included...

Just my 2 mana crystals worth but I have to say it: AAAARRRRRG MATEEEY!
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Nice deck i did a warrior pirate deck too and it's really really dangerous ;)
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The only place this deck is ever gonna be #1, is in this thread.

Best regards, Spidertauren.
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