Tactics against Fiery War Axe start?

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I have come up against alot of aggro warrior's the last few days getting this in their starting hand and even playing 2 in the first 4 turns. This gives them total board control up to turn 4 which can snowball.

Apart from the obvious Ooze and using removal you might have to negate what they drop while the axe is up until turn 4, what else can you do to avoid this snowball start?.
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Two Fiery War Axes is pretty much a warriors ideal draw. When we have that momentum and board control it is almost impossible to rally. Simply put when ideal draws come, no matter the class, you will lose 95% of the time.
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Outside of Acolyte of Pains, most Warrior decks do not bring a lot of draw power since the Battle Rage nerf. Force them to use their answers and empty their hands, just like you do against any other control deck. No hand, no answers to threats. As a rule, 90% of Warrior decks are going to play early/mid control and swing out a big threat combo around turn 4~7. Sometimes, the best strategy is just to play defensive and survive the burst, clear the field and take mid-late control by denying them a way to restore their hand.

Weapon-reliant Warriors do poorly against multiple minions with more than 1-2 HP. Barring Pyromancer+CShout shenanigans, they just can't handle large removal jobs. Even with that combo they need a good hand, a good way to fill it afterward, and spells that are high enough impact to bother unloading them all for more than just "I wanted to kill stuff".

Don't play into FWA the same way you don't play into Shadow Bolt or Frost Bolt or Multi Shot. Think of it like you would think of any other DD removal, but file away that it can be a good way to force an opportunity cost down their throat; "Do I really want to swing my Arcanite Reaper into that Lord of the Arena, just so I can go for their hero with 5 damage to the face right now?" Force them to remember that their HP/Armor is an offensive resource, and make sure they pay their butcher's bill.
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Turn 2 Fiery War Axe. Kill opposing minion.
Turn 3 Kill opposing minion. play 3 drop
Turn 4 play 2 drop+ 2 drop. Or Play 3/4 drop.
Turn 5 Arcanite Reaper. Kill opposing minion
Turn 6 Kill opposing minion. Play more things.

Even a single Fiery War Axe snowballs turns 1-4 significantly.
If you draw 2 there is little chance the opponent can recover if they are aggro, midgame, or minion based control.

Fiery War Axe followed up by Arcanite Reaper(s) it's simply the easiest set of 2-for-1's in the game. Taunts and ooze can mess this up, but lack of weapon destruction and freeze leaves warrior's weapons to simply be some of the most effective removal spells if you understand how to use your hero's health pool as a resource.
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Ooze is best, otherwise throw out Novice Engineers/Loot Hoarders (Shaman totems? Silver Hand Recruits?) Anything that baits their swing and doesn't cost you a card. If you can't ooze it you have to try to win on card advantage because they will have the tempo advantage at that point.
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