Unleash The Hounds balance

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Just about every Hunter I play in Constructed follows one play style: control the enemy's board until 10 mana, then pop out two buzzards, a few low-cost beasts, and Unleash The Hounds to secure a one-turn-kill while the opponent cannot even react (the one time I wish Blizzard copied MtG's "Instants")

I know when this is coming, but I still can't really resist it due to Hunters having strong clear abilities (Deadly Shot, Arcane Shot, Hunter's Mark, Explosive Shot, etc) that are sure to be used on whatever's stopping them from carrying out this inane combo.

Every hunter match seems to end like this:
http://i.imgur.com/7AH97xo.jpg ---> http://i677.photobucket.com/albums/vv139/DODcrazy/Oh-boy-Here-we-go.jpg

And if I'm lucky (or they aren't good at math), I can end on a good note. This is pretty rare, though:

If the charge is removed, it would still be a powerful spell (+1 damage on every beast for 1 mana). It's just suddenly counter-able now that your minions need to have either charge or wait a turn. If the hunters clinging to UtH REALLY want to keep it, they'll stick a few Tundra Rhinos into their deck.
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Its a glass cannon build really. Pressure the hunter early/mid, save your AoE dmg cards for the right time, and just try to force him to throw down minions through-out the game and kill the weak beasts.
I dont find this OP at all.
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save your AoE dmg cards for the right time

how would you do that if they win the same turn they play all the cards?

Even if you play minions like taunt they have, deadly shot,, explosive shot, kill command and multi- shot you know for that chance that you might play more then one. ANd if not they can just use it to burn you down more to get an easier turn win
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Just about every Hunter I play in Constructed follows one play style: control the enemy's board until 10 mana . . .
If you let any class control the board that long, they'll probably win. Every class can build up to crazy combos if you let them. I'm not saying UtH is balanced or doesn't need a nerf, but regardless, you can't complain about what happens on turn 10 if you let them have control for most of the match until then. Change your deck and strategy to focus on better board control and you'll probably do a lot better.
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The problem is it can be done at 7 mana+ so you really cant react to it at all. Steady shot first couple turns to build up your low cost beast, timber wolf makes em all 1 dmg stronger and poof you die. Theres no way to counter this unless you have a very strong taunt up but chances are he will remove it the turn before he does it. So you need 2 strong taunts up in a row to even stand a chance. The charge needs to be removed or it needs to cost 3-4 mana to not allow a full board of minions.
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