Deck Concept for Consistent 50-50 win

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Hey guys,
Had someone recommend I post the deck I am running with, which I posted in reply to complaints about the uselessness of Druid class. So I am posting it here for anyone else to consider and any suggestions would be great. I figure a deck is good when it is one that wins or loses based on luck of the draw. If it "always wins" then shouldn't it in theory lose to itself? And certainly some class has the perfect counter. This deck I have seen win on some key card holding and playing and lose to the same. It has won and lost via top-decking. Something I have to say about it that is undeniable, every win feels like so much fun and every loss feels like he had the luck to have the One card to beat me in that situation.

My deck is a mana-advantage heavy class with an extreme backload on minions and low mana minions are mostly card draw:

2x Innervate
2x Naturalize
2x Wild Growth
1x Wrath
2x Novice Engineer
2x Healing Touch
1x Mark of Nature
1x Coldlight Oracle
1x King Mukia * (See post note)
2x Swipe
1x Nourish
1x Starfall
2x Faceless Manipulator
1x Fen Creeper
2x Lord of the Arena
1x Baron Geddon
2x War Golem
2x Ironbark Protector
1x Ragnaros the Firelord
1x Alexsrasza

So the general idea here, when you draw your hand, discard anything that isn't Innervate, Wild Growth, or Novice Engineer (basically a minion and draw whatever card you'd have replaced it with). Always hold the coin if I can, that's a free Naturalize later or Mark of nature and Ironbark on a 10 mana turn. Play the wild growths, that puts you a turn ahead of your opponent. Cold light and naturalize should be used only in dire situations, giving card draw to your opponent might mean giving them MC or Kill Command. Fen Creeper and LoA are great for drawing their silence cards when they think they have you on the ropes or forcing them to take down the taunts with their big damage cards leaving them with nothing left for your legendaries or Ironbark. Baron is the rush killer, if you wild growth twice or have an innervate you can play him on turn five when a low health rush deck would have you on the fringes. It can clear a board right when you hit end turn but make sure to have those Healing Touches handy to put you back in the game. Baron will also draw a silence out, a good thing to open up Ragnaros or Ironbark. And faceless manipulator can make your Ironbark multiply for the cost of 5 mana each, or even better, clone the opponent's 2xhealth Northshire Cleric (a move that broke the game long radio silence and earned a 'Well Played' when the opponent realized healing meant giving me card draw as well).

*Mukia is one I recently won in an arena pack and tried out. But the concept goes against this deck, giving the opponent two buff cards. It will draw out a kill command or SW but I haven't found it to be worth the buffs except when the opponent had 9+cards so I knew he'd lose 1 or 2 plus his next card draw. Actually cost a hunter his Alexstrasza. But any recommendations? Thinking another early game, high health taunt. Abomination was one idea, but self injury is perilous without holding a Healing card (Or Alexstrasza, always nice to see it save me when I hit 3 health)
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I thought my late game deck was late game. But this takes it to a whole new level. How does this play out in top tier ranked matches?

Do you have trouble with the common neutral tempo decks like Rogue/Pally/Lock?
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Yeah, I'm really a play for fun guy so I actually haven't played any ranked matches. I got in a bit late and just like popping on for a game when I feel it throughout the day. I had built decks without looking up suggestions to give ideas a try but this was always one I returned to because it just is pure fun. (Helps that I have pulled legendaries from Arena won decks, paid for exclusively by daily challenge gold.)

The toughest decks are extreme buff decks, especially with early taunt and cards like raid leader. Or Shaman totem decks with cards like Flametongue. Needing to use Wrath for a 3 point hit or Naturalize on a zero attack minion to stem the bleeding early spells some trouble.

Pally is probably the easiest if you hold Baron off until 9 mana and play Ironbark the turn before but if people had more divine shield heavy buff decks it'd possibly be harder to win against. Recent Rogue decks have given me headaches, they might be one I need to have an early taunt or swamp ooze against.

Mostly, I've gone down to 3 health so many times and won that you really never know and never give up. You often take a huge beating early on but if you can get to a natural 8 mana with 8+ health, you probably have the game in your hands.
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How do you handle MC happy Priests with this deck? It looks like you're serving awesome targets up on a platter. Do you just have too many?
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That is what Fen Creeper, LoA and Golem are for. I've faced priests who were sitting on 5 mana with 3 cards in their hand, I knew they were looking to destroy or MC. So you bait them with cards that in most other matches are the top drops, Fen Creeper presents a 3 for 1 if they have all low mana minions so they think its an obvious SW or MC target. In those cases, I never play a Baron/Rag/Ironbark/Alex without a naturalize in hand. And I draw out the MC or SW on Ironbark if I have Rag/Alex in hand so they are forced to even trade.

My other favorite tac is let them MC Ironbark, buff his health. Then I Faceless Manipulator and Naturalize. Followed by an 'I thank you' taunt. I actually had a situation where I had spent Naturalize and played Rag, he had 8 health and I had 9. He MC'd Rag for his only minion and nailed me. I was forced to Faceless his Rag. Its a win-win if he isn't sitting on another MC, either I hit his and remove his only threat or I hit him and win. I hit him.

So in ranked matches? Idk, they might see what you are doing but in unranked I've found that people don't expect you to be so back heavy so they will target 5-6-7 mana minions thinking they've taken you're best.
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I'm really enjoying Druids but I just managed to pull Archmage from an arena pack. I originally played Mage until I had too much fun with the Druid but Rag and Archmage with a spell stacked deck, if you could crowd control with AoE until 8-9 it'd be a big middle finger to the opponent. Cenarius probably would still have been preferred draw, it'd be easy to find a place for him in this deck and two taunts on the board would be nice to lock down. Thought Hogger would place well for that reason but for the same mana Illidan is a 7/5 with the potential to put a few threats on the board in one turn.
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Wind it's op. Check your email please.
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