My take on Druid Control (help please)

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Innervate x2
Claw x2
Wild Growth x2
Wrath x2
Swipe x2
Starfall x2

1 Bloodmage Thalnos
1 Acidic Swamp Ooze
1 Defender of Argus
1 Gadgetzan Auctioneer
2 Faerie Dragon
2 Keeper of the Groves
2 Druid of the Claw
2 Azure Drake
2 Sen'jin Shieldmasta
2 Harvest Golem
1 Ragnaros
1 Ysera

I haven't tested it out yet.

After few games, I keep end up in situations where I am top decking.

Changes Made
- Removed Starfire x1
- Added Gadgetzan x1

- Removed Grizzly x2
- Added Harvest Golem x2
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You've got a hybrid ramp deck here, and I have just a few suggestions.

Ironfur Grizzly, this isn't the strongest card unless you're trying to counter the rush meta. I think Harvest Golem/Crusader is a better fit here for this meta, you want to keep as much early board presence as possible with ramp. Golem/Crusader are the perfect cardd to play with Wild Growth Early.

Everything else looks pretty darn solid, It looks like my Mid-Range deck but morphed into half ramp.

Keep an eye out on Ysera, see how many times she's been a dead draw and how many times you only use her if you're already winning. We all love our big, scary legendaries, but don't let the rarity of the card blind you on it's performance.

Keep us updated on how this deck performs please:)
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Ya, I might swap out ysera for another card like Cenarius or just another card.

And i think you may be right, I might swap out Ironfur Grizzly for Harvest Golem or Crusader.

Thanks for suggestions and I'll be testing out the changes.

So far, my gameplay iwth Druid is ... very lackluster LOL.

Ive been playing Warlock since day 1 and this was the first time i constructed a deck other than a warlock deck and tried it in Masters 1.

Results were quite negative, but the games I won were quite good so I feel like there is quite a bit of promise in this deck.

I just need to get my hands on Hogger and Sylvana, as I think it would work great with this deck as well as my other warlock decks
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so far, im definitely preferring Harvest Golem over Grizzly.

The fact that it usually ends up being a 2for 1 trade (whether it be them using a silence on it, or using multiple mobs to kill it) is great.

I still wish I can find room to fit in Sylvana
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