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I've been trying out a variation of Druid decks that revolve around one core idea:

Brewmasters + Keeper of the Grove + Battlecry Minions

So far, it has been giving me great results in terms of win/loss ratios and also it is a blast to play.
An example of a strategy would be played as such.

- Play Keeper of the Grove and Deal 2 damage.
- Next turn Keeper attacks into a 2/2 or 3/2, killing it and taking non-lethal damage.
- Play Brewmaster and bring Keeper back into your hands.
- Play Keeper of the Grove at full health and Deal 2 damage.

The seemingly simple interaction proved to be actually incredibly effective, and has gotten me out of more than a few tough spots.

Filling the deck with a variety of battlecry cards such as Defender of Argus, Earthen Ring Farseer, Shattered Sun, Owl, Nightblade, and even Novice Engineer created a really flexible deck that allowed me to adapt my tactics on the spot.

What are your thoughts on it? Is this already a well-known strategy?
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I had a deck very similar to this, except I used a rogue. The benefits of a Rogue is that you can use Vanish + Sap, and the deck plays so that they generally have a full hand.

Sap cards back, Play your minions.

Soon play vanish and reset the board and your battle cry minions.

I used the Murloc draw card minion because they generally had full hands, and brewmaster it back for even more cards if I was low.

Rogue also has some great targeted kill to go with this strategy.

I havn't played the deck in 3star masters, but it was a blast playing in unranked all the time.

Also, forgot that Shadowstep was an obvious include. More bounce to get your minions back. I had targeted damage battlecrys, heals, siliences, and Charge minions work great. The pirates that charge if you have a weapon. Having a weapon helps to run vanish and still do damage if you do a turn 6 vanish.
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