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Sometimes during a match I click on the "End Turn" button and nothing happens. The play timer is still ticking down and the game is not frozen. If i continue to click the button will break and display a little crooked. Even though it is crooked i can click on it at this point to end my turn. The button remains this way till the end of the match. Once the next game starts it is fixed.
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Bump, happening still.
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Yup happened to me now as well
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I'm new to hearthstone, and have been enjoying it as a stress free and fun to play when I need a break from SC2, except this problem.

I'm just playing against the AI to learn the ropes, but I'ts very annoying having to restart the game because the "End Turn" button wont work for me.. I'ts seemingly hit or miss with it, works just fine for a few turns or a game or two, but then outa nowhere I can spam click it and it does nothing. Very frustrating.
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this has definitely happened to me in the past. I've discovered that it happens if you try and click on the button more than once in a quick succession. The button will appear crocked/ slanted and then will be unusable. it's very odd

sometimes it corrects itself after the other person finshes their turn but once it didn't and I had to log out and back in again
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Please try not to resurrect old threads.

You've disconnected and not reconnected. Whenever a turn passes the normal 90 seconds of a turn, if things are still stuck, I'd recommend you try and force-quit Hearthstone and restart as quickly as you can to force the reconnection feature to try again.

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