How about a rogue murloc deck

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I've been messing around with murloc decks. tbh i've had massive success with all of my murloc decks including warlock, shaman and paladin. hard to say which one is the best, probably warlock.

i was thinking about a rogue murloc deck. The reason it could be amazing is great removal but more importantly shadowstep and conceal. Some murlocs gain attack when others are summoned, another one has a battlecry that gives health, etc. with shadowstep.. and then conceal.. that could own hard.

Anyone tried it? I'll give it a go tomorrow.
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I've actually tried that recently, it's been working out great as conceal and shadowstep have pretty good synergy with the playstyle of a murloc deck. I can't summarize it easily in a single post but I was planning to post about it in the ACK thread soon once I've ironed out some kinks.
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i use a few murlocs in my rogue deck, its been working out quite well for me
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11/13/2013 03:51 AMPosted by Myon
I've actually tried that recently, it's been working out great as conceal and shadowstep have pretty good synergy with the playstyle of a murloc deck. I can't summarize it easily in a single post but I was planning to post about it in the ACK thread soon once I've ironed out some kinks.

What's the ACK thread?
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Aye, actually I've been testing the efficiency of lock vs. rogue murloc deck all day here, and I've arrived to the conclusion that no matter how much I love rogue, warlock just fares better overall.

As you may have noticed, murloc decks are extremely dependent on card draws, if they don't have any, they tire themselves quickly. Thus, warlock is the safest one with in-built hero ability for that. Sure, rogue has a lot of spells for card draws, but what if the RNG gods do not favor you (Do they ever?) it makes the deck unreliable. Conceal and Shadowstep are fun things to play with, and backstabs are lovely for early dominance, but that just didn't seem to be enough when you compare to lovely tricks of Blood Imps (such insane card for murlocs) and Summoning portal (If they can't down it, hordes of murlocs just run through it).

Overall, warlock is more reliable, and more efficient at this current stage. If only one of the murlocs had inbuilt +1 spellpower tied into them.
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Paladin, Warlock, and Shaman are the staple and immediate "go-to" classes for Murloc, but others have had success too, especially Druid.

Rogues I'd imagine wouldn't have too much synergy, but there'd definitely be some use from Shadowstep and Conceal. I'd also throw in a Patient Assassin and/or Saps as super-cheap removal/just-in-case cards.

The biggest problem with Murloc decks though is Card Draw. Being a Warlock immediately gives you access to Draw whenever you want, and Paladins have Divine Favor which works beautifully with the "throw all your cards on the table" playstyle of Murlocs. You could run with Coldlight Oracles, but then you give your opponent cards, too...

Edit: Just for fun, I made a deck.

- All 15 non-Coldlight Oracle Murlocs (Because duh)
- Novice Engineer x2 (Card Draw)

- Shiv x2 (Card Draw)
- Conceal x2 (Protects your Murlocs from attacks/targeted spells. Do be careful for AoE though!)
- Shadowstep x2 (Amazing for Novice Engineers, Old Murk-Eye, or Murloc Tidehunters [especially with the Murloc Tidecaller{s} already on the field])
- Eviscerate x2 (Removal or direct damage)
- Cold Blood x2 (Cheap way to use a cheap minion for removal, or just dish out a ton of extra damage)

At this point I'm at 27 cards and I got quite a few in mind for the last 3, all being cheap minions, so here's a list of what you can use for the last 3:

- Raid Leader (3 cost, 2/2. Gives other minions +1/+0): Simply buffs all your Murlocs, but a bit costly if he's going to get killed.

- Knife Juggler (2 cost, 3/2. Throws a dagger for 1 damage at a random enemy when you summon a minion): Has good synergy with cheap-costing Murlocs, especially the Tidehuner that also summons an extra 1/1 (which does count). Whittle down enemy defenses or throw a bunch of daggers at the enemy hero.

- Ironbeak Owl (2 cost, 2/1. Battlecry: Silence a target): Silences are especially helpful to get rid of good buffs or to break down your opponent's Taunt creature, which is the absolute bane of Murlocs.

- Flesheating Ghoul (3 cost, 2/3. Gain +1/+0 every time a minion dies): Murlocs come and go very quickly. Flesheating Ghoul takes advantage of that.

*- Young Dragonhawk (1 cost, 1/1. Windfury): This is definitely a biased choice of mine with Rogues, especially with access to Cold Blood. You would not believe how many times I've had opponents make stupid, and I mean stupid plays when I played this beast. In absolute fear of me having a Cold Blood, I'd had people waste powerful spells and cards just to take him out. Plus for the times he gets ignored or you get an early draw with him and Cold Blood, you get a 5/1 (or 9/1 if both CBs) with Windfury for next to nothing. I'm aware it has no synergy with the rest of the deck, but it's just my personal choice for Rogue decks :)
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rogue murloc deck is awful btw i made one. didn't like it at all.
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I love murlocks. but without charge or more enchants I feel easily threatened. im afraid of those aoe that can swipe away all my poor murlocks how do you counter that anyway?
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